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Fall Break: Second Captain's Log

Captain’s Log Star Date 10.16.12 (to some long decimal number)
I landed in London, England around noon on Saturday. I am staying with a good friend of mine from college and law school (networking is invaluable; it helps you have places to stay all over the world and even in past centuries!). It is cool and rainy out here, but it is nice to see all of the really neat architecture throughout the city. I am staying in the St. John’s Wood area, not far from Paddington and Regents Park. I have gone running every morning just to get out and see how people live in the area. I am quite fond of the St. John's Wood area because it is very family and pet friendly, so people are out with their kids and their dogs.I am glad that they have directions on the ground which state which way to look when you are crossing the street, without Bones here with me I am not sure what I would do if I get hit by a car. And as if the 21st century is not primitive enough with its gas engine, polluting non-flying cars, cars here drive on the opposite side of the road from the U.S.! Star Fleet Academy did not prepare me for this! Overall, I am have enjoyed my time in London though. I see why the people I have befriended at Yale SOM that are from here are such fun people. In general people seem to be courteous to one another, and the city is extremely diverse. Also, I love the fashion here! People have a very good sense of style (although anything is a step up from my Starfleet uniform). The one thing I love about traveling is that I can get away from my responsibilities for a short period of time. I check my email less and my cell phone is off, so I get some semblance of peace of mind which is much needed as this year has been hectic. I enjoy passing the time just sitting down in an apartment and relaxing, reading and watching reruns of one of my favorite shows "24." Tomorrow I head to Paris, who knows what adventures await me there.