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Fall Break 2012

So, I guess it is time to let the “cat out of the bag” as people in the 21st century state. I am from the 23rd century, and I am Captain of Starfleet Enterprise. I have been sent back in time to attend Yale SOM because its curriculum has set the foundation for leadership in the 23rd century. This installment of Captain’s Logs specifically chronicle my Fall Break journeys, one of the most exciting missions of my life!

Captain’s Log Star Date 10.11.12 (to some long decimal number) and 10.12.12 (to some long decimal number)
I am so excited that it is Fall Break! First year students have a week-long workshop next week to help them better manage groups and teams (little do they know I should be leading a workshop since I have to lead Spock and Bones for a living), but 2nd years get to have a week to ourselves. This is great, because it will allow me to work on different aspects of my mission, like visiting other cultures and becoming more culturally sensitive. Tonight I am taking a relatively primitive space shuttle (called Delta Airlines) to Atlanta to meet some very special Klignons (i.e., my parents who I love dearly). I am sure they are from Klingnon, but they hide in plain sight in the 21st century! The space shuttle is very comfortable, and I get into Atlanta at about 11 pm and I stay up talking to the Klignons until 2:30 am! It is nice to spend time with them; they are very kind, sweet and funny “people.” On Friday, 10/12/12 I finally get to see the fruits of my hard work in that an organization of which I am the President, Outstanding Atlanta (a leadership recognition and development program), held its annual induction ceremony. This is my final major event as President, and it has been an amazing year for this organization. Yale SOM has done a great job of teaching how to create a strong strategy for an organization, thus Outstanding Atlanta is in a prime position to increase its reach over the next 5 years. The induction ceremony is absolutely amazing; there are almost 200 people in attendance and some very heavy hitters from the Atlanta area. Working with teams during my first year at SOM helped me be a very effective leader for this organization, and it is on its way to accomplishing great things. Unfortunately, I have to leave the event a little early and catch another Delta space shuttle to London, England tonight. Let the journey begin!