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Everyday I'm shuffling

Another friend came to visit this weekend (right before finals, note to self: not conducive!) and as I brought her around, I explained the difference in transportation options between New Haven and New York. I thought this would be a good topic to touch on so the following is a quick introduction to some transportation methods Yalies commonly use:

1. Bicycle There are two bicycle shops in New Haven, The Devil's Gear and College Street Cycles, both providing a good range of options and services. Otherwise there is Craigslist for second-hand bikes. New Haven roads are generally biker-friendly and drivers are considerate too so cycling is a popular way to get around town.

2. Yale Shuttle There are multiple lines providing service all around New Haven. At night, the shuttles bring you right to your door step which is really convenient. If you own a smartphone, there is a transloc application that shows you a real-time map of where the shuttles are and helps you avoid waiting long for the bus.

3. Yale Door to Door service Operates from 4pm daily and as the name says, the services takes you from one location right to the doorstep of another. A real lifesaver for me at night and money saver too!

4. MetroTaxi CT (For use when the door to door is not operating) There are few taxis on the road, however the call service is generally quick and efficient. I have used this multiple times and the wait is usually about 15 minutes.

5. Car I do not own a car but if you have a license, Zipcar provides a special university service that makes it very affordable to rent a car whenever you need to go out of town to run errands etc. Rates are generally hourly and less than $10/hr depending on vehicle type and date of booking.

6. Walking I think walking is the best way to get around if you can afford the time, especially when the weather is nice. New Haven has gorgeous and varied architecture (Hillhouse is beautiful!). The city is also small enough to get around by foot. For example walking from East Rock (where many students live) to Downtown takes about 30 minutes max and this is probably the longest commute you have to make. Using these transportation options, my friend and I went all around the greater New Haven area eating alot (again) which I will blog about soon. For now, I'm back to hitting the books!