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Consulting Career Advice from John Eielson '92

John Eielson ’92 shared lunch and some frank advice about the consulting industry with a group of Yale SOM students on January 30. Eielson, a partner with OC&C Strategy Consultants, talked to students about how to determine whether a firm is a good fit and how to get on the radar of firms they like.

“These are the questions I wish I knew to ask before I went anywhere,” Eielson said:

  1. The type of work—is the firm oriented toward strategy or cost reduction?
  2. Travel requirements
  3. Potential for career growth—i.e., partnership opportunities
  4. Pay. While entry-level pay is similar at most firms, there are big differences at the partner level.
  5. Reputational value. If the job is going to be a stepping stone, you want a well regarded firm that will help open doors to future opportunities.

Eielson told students that MBAs with previous consulting experience have an edge in getting hired, but strong analytical skills, a genuine interest in the sector, and persistence pay off, too.