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Cheesy boy meets Cheeseboy

I (the cheesy boy) had just arrived at Boston’s South Station and decided to look for a quick bite. Lo and behold, I saw Cheeseboy, the country’s first quick-service grilled cheese restaurant chain founded by Yale SOM’s Mike Inwald (’10). I thought I'd try it out. When I walked over to place my order, the guy who had been immediately in front of the register stepped away, and the cashier asked me what I wanted. I pointed to the guy. “Is he done?” “Oh, don’t worry about him. He’s the owner.” I turned and asked him. “Are you THE owner? As in, the guy from the Yale School of Management?” Yes, it was him. Mike Inwald. He was at the location with his head of marketing trying to assess elements of a redesign. At that particular moment, he was trying to figure out the optimal placement of a promo sign. We chatted a bit – the chain has 4 locations already and is opening a few more – and then I gave him my two cents regarding where the sign should be placed. We exchanged cards, and he offered me my lunch for free. Well, I guess it wasn’t entirely free: proof of my marketing advisory is circled in the picture above. Passing through South Station again this evening, I found that the sign was still there. There’s [still] no such thing as a free lunch! By the way, I ordered a classic grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and basil and a side of tomato soup. And it was delicious.