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Boola boola! SOM runs 13.1 in DC

In December, I got an email from a classmate urging me to sign up for a half marathon. Me? Run 13.1 miles? Maybe I could do that?

Fast forward four months and I was jumping onto the train with my running shoes, heading to DC to run my very first half marathon with 20 of my classmates-- some seasoned runners and others who were just as excited as me for their running debut. I hadn't been to DC since 2009 and I was excited to explore the city, hang out with college friends, and share the experience with other first-timers.

The night before the race, we all had dinner at Ari's house (a 2014 SOM'er whose family still lives in DC) to carbo load and share insights on race strategy. My plan? Don't go out too fast and hope that I have enough energy to pick up the pace around mile 9. Oh yes, and make sure I double knot my shoelaces before the gun goes off.

The run itself was a blast! Many of my classmates ran personal bests, while others were excited to have completed 13.1 miles. In true Nike fashion, when we crossed the finish line we were handed Tiffany's necklaces and herded into a vast store with every Nike product available. I quickly headed to find water and fuel after giving myself a hug for completing the race and finishing under my goal time.

Although I am not itching to sign up for another race anytime soon, I thoroughly enjoyed watching so many of my talented classmates cross the finish line with a smile-- a positive sign that we've almost made it through the first year of business school with enough time and energy to enjoy a weekend of athletic adventure.