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Back in Session

I’ve just returned home from our first Student Government meeting of the new school year and am excited about all of the initiatives we have boiling. Though a lot of work was done over the summer by this hard-working group of officers to set the groundwork for a great 2010-2011, as of tonight we’re all back in action and ramping up our plans once again. I think SOM Student Government (“SG”) is a perfect representation of what makes SOM unique.As an organization we are only six years old—formed to give students a strong and official voice in the administration and governing of the school. But as with many other aspects of SOM—such as the curriculum—our mission has grown, expanded, and changed to meet the needs of the student body. Today we work to represent student viewpoints around classes, the job search process, the current facilities and new building, our alumni engagement, and our overall student quality of life. As with all things SOM, the small community and supportive faculty and staff help drive our efforts; we have a very responsive administration that listens to the student voice and takes seriously our suggestions and concerns. This year we are especially excited about our goal to better integrate the first-year and second-year classes, an initiative that already seems to be gaining steam, if the overflowing social events and one-on-one conversations of the past week are any indication. We’re also working on a live web-based case study that will use videos, interviews, and photos to capture the unique culture of SOM for future generations. But most importantly, our ranks are only half-full. Starting Wednesday, we’ll begin the SG officer election process for the class of 2012. And whether first-years are elected to positions or choose to volunteer for the many committees that are open to all, we current officers are very excited about the ideas and energy our new schoolmates will bring to Student Government. By all accounts, ’12 is giving ’11 a run for our money in terms of passion, involvement, and SOM spirit. I’m excited to see how that energy impacts SG and, by extension, all of SOM. Here’s to a great year!