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Answers to Your Questions about MAM Admissions in 2021

Kelsey Kanavy, assistant director of admissions for the Master of Advanced Management program, answers frequently asked questions about the admissions process in an unusual year.

During this uncertain year, we have received many questions about the Master of Advanced Management admissions process and how it has changed during the global pandemic. To shed some light on this year’s admissions process, we’re providing  answers to some of of your most frequently asked questions.

How has the admissions process changed this year and what does it mean for the applicants?

While the admissions team is working remotely, our internal process and the process for applicants has not changed! Our Round 2 deadline is just around the corner on February 23 and our Round 3 deadline is on April 13. Right now, we are hosting webinars, answering phone calls and emails, and preparing to read your applications. You can reach us via phone or email; we are happy to set up virtual appointments to discuss any of your questions and concerns.

We are committed, as always, to admitting the best and the brightest students from across the Global Network. Our advice is to submit your strongest application and we will review it just as we would in any other year. You may find our recent application tips webinar helpful while preparing your application.

Are there admissions quotas by Global Network school?

We have never had quotas by Global Network school and that will not change. We admit the strongest applicants from all schools throughout the admissions cycle.

In this virtual world, how will the interview process change?

The MAM/GBS Admissions team has always conducted online interviews; the process has not changed for our applicants or our interviewers this year. You should prepare for your online interview as you would any other interview. A few tips:

  • Find a quiet space to complete your interview.
  • Log into Zoom a few minutes early and test your camera and microphones. If you do not have access to Zoom, please let us know in advance and we will find a different platform to conduct the interview on.  
  • Relax. We are already impressed with your accomplishments and just want to get to know you a little better. It’s also important to keep in mind that the interview is just one aspect of your application, and one part of the application is not determinative of admission.

I hope this blog post helps to ease some of your concerns about the admissions process this year. As always, our team is here to help. We wish you the best of luck as you complete your application!

Kelsey Kanavy

Kelsey Kanavy
Assistant Director for Admissions, Management Master’s Programs