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Another friend comes to visit

If you read my previous post on a friend visiting, you can probably guess that this is going to be another food-laden post. Add on pending exams stress-induced food pangs and the result is another very slothful weekend... We started off at miso, an upmarket sushi restaurant in downtown New Haven. Maybe it was my serious craving for sushi, but I thought the fish was well-cut, fresh and very tasty. My only gripe is the price, which puts miso into the category of 'special occasions only'.

After miso, we randomly stumbled upon The Mochi Store while walking towards GPSCY and I am glad we did! They serve ice-cream covered with a layer of soft rice dough, which is perfect for a light dessert.

My drowsy friend woke up the next day wanting something light so we decided to try Chestnut Fine Foods in East Rock. The cafe is quirky yet cosy and the food was flavorsome yet chockful of healthy ingredients. Sounds slightly oxymoronic but my friend and I loved our experience there.

I was craving gelato so we scooted off to Nica's which serves a good array of flavors. I am quite particular about my gelato after spending a semester in Italy, but I really enjoyed the gelato at Nica's, which was thick, smooth and packed with flavor.

Dinner was the best part of the week as Amanda'13 from my cohort (Go Blue!) introduced us to The Place, an outdoor BBQ in Guilford, about 15 minutes drive from New Haven. The fresh-off-the-grill lobster and lightly-charred sweet corn were lip-smackingly delicious but the conversation and company made the night unforgettable (at least for now immortalized here).

The weekend ended on a good note as I finally got to try Sushi Palace in Hamden, which is highly recommended for its all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet. Very good for groups and sharing.

I hope these posts give you a sense for the food options that New Haven offers. It really is much more than pizzas and Thai food carts!