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From the MAM Team: All about Round 3

The Master of Advanced Management team answers common questions about applying in Round 3.

It is starting to warm up here in New Haven, which means that the third and final round of admissions for the Master of Advanced Management (MAM) incoming class of 2023 is approaching.  In this round, we welcome applications from MBA graduates from global business schools around the world. The final application round deadline is April 12. To help you put together your application, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about applying in Round 3.

What can you expect if you are applying in Round 3?

In addition to accepting applications from students who attended an MBA program at Global Network for Advanced Management schools,  we will, for the first time, also be accepting applications from MBA graduates who attended other top global business schools outside of the Global Network.

You can read more about our decision to open the MAM program to more global students in our October announcement.

How competitive is Round 3? Are there spots left in the class?

While Round 3 will be more competitive than our first two rounds, there are still plenty of seats available in the incoming MAM class in Round 3. We do not have quotas for the number of students we accept per school or country. All applications will be assessed in terms of quality, and no preference will be given to applications coming from Global Network schools versus applications coming from non-Global Network schools.

Although the Round 3 deadline is approaching, there is still plenty of time to prepare the materials for your application.

What should I get started working on?

Secure your recommendations: Talk with your recommenders about your career aspirations and why and how the MAM program will help you obtain these goals. It’s important they understand why you are applying to the program and how your past responsibilities connect with your future career interests. It is important that your recommender is someone who has known you in a professional setting, not just an academic setting.

Prepare for your GMAT or GRE exam: A GMAT or GRE test score is a requirement in the MAM application. Keep in mind that this is just another data point used as part of our evaluation—we assess applications in a holistic way, so there is no average or minimum score required.

Do some self-reflection: In the essays we ask about what values you will bring to the program. This is a great time to think about why the MAM program is the right program for you and how you connect with the school and our community.

Watch our Application Tips Webinar and take a walk through each component of the application. At this event, our admissions team offered tips on how to put together your best application.

Will there be a waitlist in Round 3?

There will not be a waitlist after the Round 3 decision release date on May 12, 2022. We will release the waitlist at the end of Round 3.

What resources are available for me to learn more?

We encourage candidates to watch some of our recently recorded webinars to hear more from past and current students about their experience in the MAM program. Watch our Alumni Panel Webinar and Student Panel Webinar.

We will be hosting an additional student panel webinar on March 23. Register for the event. You’ll hear from three current MAM students about their experience at Yale.

You can also reach out to one of our MAM student ambassadors to ask questions or learn about how they decided to apply to the MAM program.

We are looking forward to getting to know you and hope to welcome you to the Yale SOM MAM Class of 2023. Start your application today.