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Wesley Meyer ’22

Wesley Meyer ’22

Master’s in Asset Management

Vice President, Jasper Ridge Partners

I worked in corporate derivatives at Morgan Stanley for three years and in investments at Rockefeller University for two years before coming to Yale SOM. The new Asset Management Program looked like a real opportunity to gain specialized knowledge, on top of a foundational economics degree. The curriculum’s STEM focus was also very attractive to me. Data science and quantitative applications are so central in the industry right now.

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It was a little scary, pioneering a new program, but there has been so much support. The professors knew that this is the first iteration of some of the courses, and they’ve encouraged honest feedback. They’ve also been quick to implement reasonable curriculum suggestions along the way.

The emphasis on group assignments has enabled students to let their complementary skill sets shine. We all have such different experiences and skills, and I’ve learned so much from my classmates.

In my coursework, I wanted to learn practical skills that could directly and immediately enhance my work. And this program is so varied, all the lessons have impacted my work in some way. On one hand, courses such as Big Data enable me to be a better analyst, while courses such as Behavioral Finance, Regulating Emerging Strategies, and Endowment Management have pushed me to think more critically about the bigger picture. I’ve already utilized new knowledge around factor strategies and portfolio construction.