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Bruna Mazon

Bruna Mazon ’19

Master’s Degree in Global Business & Society

Being global is something that really matters to me. When I was getting my first master’s at FGV, I sat in a classroom with people from all around the world. That was something that was brand new for me: I had to learn not only how to work in groups, but with people that came from different backgrounds, with different personalities and ways of communicating. I had  previous business education from my undergraduate studies, but learning how to work alongside so many different cultures and people really opened me up to the world. I saw Yale SOM and the Global Network for Advanced Management as another step to further this part of my education. 

I always wanted the opportunity to work and study in the United States, and Yale SOM’s mission–to educate leaders for business and society–really spoke to me. There are many ways to pursue a career, but at Yale, I can develop an understanding of all of the stakeholders in a scenario. Coming here has been complementary to my experience at FGV: you’re getting the international experience and the business education while taking in the different perspectives, personalities, and opinions of your classmates and professors. When you’re working on a problem, you’re working together towards a common goal, and this environment provides a higher level of knowledge than you could experience anyplace else. It’s a challenging process, but the outcome is very positive. 

In Brazil, we were very focused on grades and academic outputs. Here, it’s your academics, but also how you mix in clubs, sports, and other activities. I’ve had the opportunity to join some affinity clubs that match my passions and interests—for example, the Women in Management club. It’s a refreshing experience that provides a much fuller picture of who you are and a framework for who you want to become. 

I’m part of the honor committee and the equity and inclusion committee. Those are topics that have always been close to my heart. I come from a country where corruption and ethical issues are always part of the conversation, so it’s a subject that’s frequently on my mind. How can I be a change agent at home and globally? What is the impact on society? SOM gives me an opportunity to look at these issues in my country and also with a global perspective, at how others approach these issues. I see my work and career as an extension of who I am, and SOM allows me to explore the issues I care about in a meaningful way.

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