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Profile & Fit

  • What is the GBS program’s format?

    The program structure is 9 months (August - May), full-time, in-residence at Yale. The program is taught in English, and has one entry each year.

  • What kind of student are you looking for in the GBS program?

    The GBS program is designed for innovative future leaders who are globally minded, intellectually curious, and ready to launch their career with a year at Yale. This program is open to graduates of master in management (or equivalent) programs in the Global Network for Advanced Management. The ideal candidate will have between 12 weeks - 3 years of full-time work experience.

  • I have a master of management from a program that is not a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management. Can I apply?

    No. This program is not available for graduates of master in management programs outside of the Global Network for Advanced Management. We encourage you to explore Yale SOM’s other degree options, such as the full-time, 2-year MBA.

  • I have a master’s degree from a Global Network for Advanced Management school that is not called a “master in management” - for example, a Master in Finance, Master in Accounting, Master in Global Business, etc. Am I eligible to apply?

    This program is for students who graduated with a master’s degree that provides a foundational management skills toolkit. Our admissions team would be happy to review the curriculum of your master’s program to determine whether you are eligible to apply. Please send information about your program and coursework to gbs@yale.edu, and an admissions team member will contact you shortly.

  • I have an MBA. Am I eligible to apply?

    This program is for students who graduated with a master’s degree that provides a foundational management skills toolkit. Our admissions team would be happy to review the curriculum of your master’s program to determine whether you are eligible to apply. Please send information about your program and coursework to gbs@yale.edu, and an admissions team member will contact you shortly.

  • Is full-time work experience a requirement for admission?

    Yes. Students entering the GBS program are required to have at least 12 weeks of full-time work experience. This requirement can be met at any time before beginning the GBS program: for example, during a summer internship, gap year, or prior to your master in management program.

  • I have more than 3 years of work experience. Am I eligible to apply?

    Please contact our admissions team at gbs@yale.edu to discuss your degree options. You may find that another master’s program at Yale is a better fit with your level of work experience.

  • Is this program targeted for specific career interests?

    We have seen applicants with a variety of career interests. A MMS in Global Business and Society from Yale gives you the global understanding to take on exciting roles around the world, in industries that include finance, consulting, technology, and consumer goods. You’ll be positioned for a successful full-time global job search, leveraging the resources and networks of your Year 1 school and the early career services offered by the Career Development Office (CDO) at Yale SOM.


GBS Admissions

  • How do I apply to the GBS program?

    You can apply in one of two ways:

    1. Current students and alumni of master in management programs should apply to the GBS program directly on our website. Application instructions are found within the online application.
    2. If you are planning to attend a master in management program at FGV EAESP, HEC, HKUST, or UBC Sauder, you also have the option of applying simultaneously to your master in management (Year 1) and the GBS Program (Year 2) through the M2M. If you are interested in a simultaneous application, please begin your application on the school website for your selected Year 1 program. Within that application, you will find an option to select a dual degree program with Yale.
  • I am an admitted student, current student, or alumnus of FGV EAESP, HEC, HKUST, or UBC Sauder. How do I apply?

    If you are already admitted, currently enrolled, or an alumnus of these four master in management programs, you can apply to the GBS program directly on our website here. Application instructions are found within the online application.

  • I am planning to attend a master in management program at a Global Network for Advanced Management school other than FGV EAESP, HEC, HKUST or UBC Sauder. May I apply simultaneously to this school’s program and the GBS Program?

    No. The simultaneous application is only available for these four schools. You should apply to the GBS program directly, the year before you intend to enroll.

  • What are the application requirements?

    Applicants must complete the online application form, provide transcripts from every college or university attended, submit one professional recommendation and one support letter from the dean or director of their Global Network school, complete video questions, provide an official GMAT or GRE score, and pay the application fee.

  • Should I take any particular courses to prepare for the GBS program?

    The GBS program builds upon the management toolkit of your master in management program. Successful students have taken courses in financial analysis, operations, economics (covering micro and macro principles), strategy, statistics, and marketing.

  • May I transfer into the GBS program?

    No, the GBS program does not accept transfer applications or course credits from any other graduate program.

  • What is the application fee to apply?

    The application fee is $100 USD.

  • Do I have to have a GMAT or GRE score to apply?

    Yes, you must submit an official GMAT or GRE score as part of the application. There is no minimum score required to apply to Yale SOM.

     Please contact gbs@yale.edu for any questions regarding your standardized test.

  • What is the average GMAT for Yale GBS students?

    We do not calculate an average GMAT score for our applicants due to the variety of standardized test scores that we accept.

  • Do I need to submit official transcripts and degree certificates when I apply?

    You do not need to submit official, paper transcripts or the corresponding degree certification to apply. We allow applicants to upload scanned transcripts and degree certificates. If you are currently taking classes at your Global Network school, we ask that you please submit your most recent official grades and records of coursework in progress. If you are admitted, you will need to submit official transcripts and the corresponding degree certificates to enroll. The degree certificate must indicate the type of degree conferred, the institution/location from which you received the degree, and the date of degree confirmation. Please note that if your transcript indicates this information, there is no need to provide us with an additional degree certificate.

  • What types of recommendations does the Admissions Committee like to see?

    Applicants must submit one recommendation letter in addition to a formal letter from their master in management institution that confirms the applicant was in good standing during the program. If you are applying simultaneously to both programs through the M2M, you are only required to submit one recommendation.

    The best letters of recommendation come from an individual who has been in a position to supervise your work product. This could include a current or former work supervisor, or a professor who has supervised your research, thesis, or other significant work product.

  • Is an interview required for admission?

    Yes. All applicants who are offered admission will have had an interview. Interviews are granted by invitation of the Admissions Committee, and are typically conducted over Skype.

  • Is the TOEFL, PTE Academic, or IELTS required?

    A TOEFL, PTE Academic, or IELTS score is recommended if English is not the primary language of instruction at your master in management or undergraduate program.

  • If my transcript is not in English, do I need to submit an English translation?

    Yes. If your institution does not provide an English translation with the transcript, you must obtain a notarized English translation.

  • In which round should I apply?

    You should apply when you feel you can submit your best application. For example, if you are rushing to finish your application by the Round 1 deadline and feel you can use extra time, apply in Round 2 instead. There is no difference in selectivity between rounds.

  • How can I check the status of my application?

    Once you submit your application online, you will be able to check your application status by signing in with the email address and password you used to create your application. You will then be able to see which materials our office received and which are still outstanding. It can take time to process materials, so you should allow two weeks following submission for your status page to be updated. If your application is still incomplete two weeks after the application deadline, we will alert you by email.

  • When should I hear whether or not I've been invited to interview?

    Invitations to interview are sent via email throughout the round in which you apply. The Admissions Committee will typically extend invitations within four weeks of the application submission deadline.

  • I submitted my application by the application deadline. When can I expect to receive a decision from the Admissions Committee?

    Applicants will receive their decision by close of business (5:00 p.m. ET) on the decision date for the round in which they apply.

  • What do I need to do to be considered for a merit scholarship?

    All applicants are automatically considered for a merit scholarship. There is no need to take any additional steps during the application process to be considered. When you receive your admissions decision, you will also receive notification of any merit scholarships you received.

  • Does the GBS program grant deferrals?

    In your application, you will specify your intended year of matriculation. We ask that you consider at the time of your application whether you plan to take a gap year between your master in management program and the GBS program, and mark the application accordingly.

    After admission, we will consider requests for a 1-year deferral on a case-by-case basis.

    Learn more about life as a GBS student.

  • What does the process look like for a re-applicant?

    If you are applying directly through GBS, you do not need to submit new test reports, transcripts, or recommendation, unless there have been any updates to your transcript since your first application. You are required to submit a new application, new essays, pay the application fee, and complete the video questions. Although it is not required, you may want to submit new recommendations if they would provide insight into your candidacy since your last application.

    If you are applying through M2M, you should consult the master in management school first to adhere to their policies.

  • Is orientation mandatory?

    Yes, orientation is mandatory for all incoming students. Orientation takes place a few weeks before classes begin. No exceptions can be made, so please be sure to make necessary arrangements with any current internships, programs, etc.


Student Life

  • What resources exist at Yale for international students?

    Yale’s Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) provides English language support, local community connections, and a multitude of daily events for international students and their families. For more information, visit the OISS website.

  • Do students live in on-campus dormitories or off-campus apartments?

    Both options are available. Once you are admitted, we will provide additional resources and information about local housing options

  • Do I need a car?

    No, there are many Yale transportation and public transportation options in the New Haven area, so a car is not required.



  • What is the M2M?

    The M2M is a partnership between Yale SOM, FGV EAESP, HEC, HKUST, and UBC Sauder to create a suite of double degree opportunities for early career students. Students spend Year 1 at FGV EAESP, HEC, HKUST or UBC Sauder in a master in management program. Then, they spend Year 2 at Yale in the GBS program. Upon graduation, students receive two degrees from two business schools in two academic years. A gap year between Year 1 and Year 2 is permitted. 

  • Who is the M2M for?

    The M2M is for early career students (less than 3 years of full-time work experience) who are interested in attending FGV EAESP, HEC, HKUST or UBC Sauder for a 1-year master in management and then attending Yale SOM for the 1-year GBS program. The M2M attracted globally-minded, young, innovative future leaders who are looking to launch their career.

  • How does the application to the M2M work?

    Students interested in the M2M may apply simultaneously to their Year 1 and Year 2 programs. They will receive admissions decisions and financial aid packages for both schools at the outset, allowing them to plan effectively for their next two years of academic study.

    Students may also apply to Yale’s GBS program directly after they are already admitted to their Year 1 program.

  • Is there any advantage or disadvantage to applying simultaneously to my Year 1 and Year 2 program?

    The advantage to applying simultaneously to your Year 1 and Year 2 program is that you will receive admissions decisions and a financial aid determination earlier than if you applied consecutively to each program.

  • Are there any differences between the simultaneous application process and the consecutive application process? What if I want to provide additional information for my Yale application?

    These application channels are designed to collect the same applicant information; therefore, they are very similar. The simultaneous application process will give you an opportunity to upload application materials that are specifically for your Yale SOM application.

  • Can you apply through more than one M2M channel?

    Yes, if  during the same round. Your admission decision from the Yale GBS program is final through the year in which you apply, regardless of the channel you apply through.



  • What are career paths of GBS program graduates?

    GBS students are globally mobile, cosmopolitan, and innovative future leaders, and exceptional organizations are looking for this kind of talent all over the world. The GBS Program cultivates these early career, uber-mobile, globally-connected students and helps them to find roles in major global hubs primarily outside the United States.

    GBS students’ career interests are as diverse as their backgrounds, in industries and sectors such as technology, investment management, real estate, consulting, design and innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship, education, marketing, impact investing, fast-moving consumer goods, social impact, corporate strategy, fintech, healthcare, private equity, venture capital, and government and multilateral organizations. During your time at Yale, you’ll customize your career journey and find a pathway that is tailored to your interests and the roles you’d like to target.

  • How do GBS students identify full-time job opportunities?

    As a GBS student, you’ll leverage a wealth of Yale resources as well as those of your Global Network school in your successful job search. GBS students benefit from programming and tools offered by the Yale SOM Career Development Office (CDO) as well as alumni connections, faculty mentorship, and guidance from Yale peers. You’ll also take advantage of the extensive resources of greater Yale University. You’ll have opportunities to connect with notable speakers, guest lecturers and alumni who come to campus to work with Yale students, and foster relationships that will last a lifetime. All of these resources are in addition to the tools, networks, and connections you’ve already made, and continue to leverage, from your Global Network for Advanced Management master in management program.

  • Tell me more about the CDO Careers Curriculum.

    As a GBS student, you’ll pursue a rigorous careers curriculum that includes hands-on training, virtual and online programs, special events, one-on-one career coaching, workshops, panel discussions, and conferences. Some examples of CDO workshops include career search strategies, resume and cover letter writing, networking, behavioral and case interviewing, and negotiation. The CDO will empower you to maximize your job search efforts and outcomes, and to take ownership of your career journey.

  • Will I have access to Yale alumni?

    Yes. All GBS students have access to the Yale SOM alumni database and the Yale Career Network (an opt-in network of alumni and students across Yale University interested in discussing career experiences). These databases allow you to find alumni in your field of interest for informational interviews and guidance. Many students leverage alumni to capture insights and learn more about professional options while building their professional network. In addition, alumni play an active role in the school and community – they guest lecture in classes, speak on panels, recruit for their organizations, and provide real world projects in the SOM curriculum.

    Learn more about the varied careers of a few of Yale SOM’s 7000+ MBA and MAM alumni here: MBA Career Paths  and MAM Career Paths.

  • Tell me more about the Yale network.

    The Yale SOM network extends all over the globe, and our CDO is dedicated to fostering connections with global employers. You’ll benefit from over 50 SOM alumni chapters in places in Brazil, Chile, Germany, Ghana, Israel, Japan, and South Korea. During your time at Yale, you’ll make lifelong connections that will help not only with your initial job search but also with your career over time.

  • Can I meet with someone to talk about my career goals?

    Yes. The Yale SOM CDO offers one-on-one coaching for current students and alumni. Your dedicated GBS career coach will work with you to articulate and define your career goals, lead you through self-assessments, provide resources to identify target employers, and be a guide from the preparation stage through offer negotiations.

  • I am an aspiring entrepreneur. What resources are available to help me to launch my own business at Yale?

    The Yale SOM Program on Entrepreneurship is a convening space on campus for aspiring entrepreneurs, and supports and encourages student-founded ventures at SOM. Entrepreneurship offerings include advanced electives, speakers, coding resources, and bootcamps and competitions. You’ll find a culture of entrepreneurship at SOM and across Yale University.

  • Will I recruit for jobs through MBA job postings and MBA on-campus recruiting?

    No.  GBS students typically have 3 years or less of professional work experience, while the average MBA student at Yale SOM has 5 years and EMBA students have 10+ years. The CDO provides separate and distinct career services for each degree program at Yale SOM. Your CDO career coach will work with you to identify appropriate roles and connect with early career recruiting and hiring operations within your target companies. The GBS program job search is globally focused, and many employers will look to connect with you virtually for informational conversations, company presentations, and job interviews.  Also, students travel to visit employer headquarters both for networking and interviewing.

  • I don’t know what I want to do! How will I find my career path at Yale?

    The CDO provides a professional development curriculum and individualized coaching that starts with a series of self-assessments to help you understand your strengths, interests, and motivators. You’ll also be engaging in conversations with the broader Yale SOM community, including students, faculty, and alumni about the broad spectrum of career opportunities available.

  • Preparing for Your Year at Yale / Pre-SOM Work Experience

    The Yale SOM CDO begins working with students even before they arrive on campus. The summer before you matriculate, you will receive access to online training and resources covering all aspects of the job search, from resume and cover letter writing to interviewing. You’ll arrive on campus in August poised to dive into your job search with the tools you need to succeed.

  • Is work experience required, or can I apply right out of my master in management program?

    GBS students are required to have at least 12 weeks of full-time work experience before joining the GBS program at Yale. This requirement can be met at any time before starting the program – for example, during a gap year between your master in management and your GBS, before beginning your master in management program, or during the summer between your master in management and your GBS. You will leverage the resources of your master of management school’s career services office as well as your existing networks to identify opportunities to meet this requirement.

  • What type of work experience are you looking for?

    The GBS admissions team is looking for full-time professional work experience. On average, GBS students have less than 3 years of full-time work experience. Remember - the quality of your work experience, such as progressive responsibility, demonstrated leadership ability, strong teamwork, and analytical capabilities - is more important than the quantity, so we encourage you to highlight and quantify your professional accomplishments on your resume, and convey to the admissions team the impact you’ve had on organizations of which you’ve been a part.

  • Does military experience count as work experience?

    Yes. Military experience will count towards the minimum work experience requirement.

  • What career resources are available to GBS alumni?

    GBS alumni have access to Yale career resources through all phases of their careers. Alumni leverage resources including coaching, career educational events, and online job postings and search agents, which support alumni who are making a career transition, relocating, or re-entering the job market.