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Filippo Menozzi ’24

Master’s Degree in Global Business & Society

Post-GBS Position: Visiting Associate, Boston Consulting Group

After my undergraduate degree in political science, I was looking for a comprehensive program that would help me feel prepared to enter the private sector with confidence. The high-level mix of practical and theoretical learning at SOM matched my needs perfectly.

GBS students are required to take nine courses from a pre-selected list. The courses vary widely, and there’s something for everyone, from finance to marketing to behavioral science. Beyond that, we’re free to pick courses within and outside of SOM, with incredible access to all of Yale’s college- and graduate-level offerings. My classmates have taken courses like Galaxies and the Universe; Democracy, Dictatorship, and Regime Change; studies in Italian film; and an intensive French literature class on Albert Camus.

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A group of students wearing Yale apparel at the Harvard-Yale football game

What was most surprising to me about Yale SOM was the opportunity to interact directly with leaders in every sector. Nearly every day a world-class speaker is present on campus: Lou Gerstner talking about how he led IBM through decades of vertiginous growth; Governor Ned Lamont discussing how young people can contribute to Connecticut’s growth; Robert Zoellick explaining how his time at the World Bank shaped his view on the U.S.’s current industrial policy.

Whether through a chat over lunch or during a class, these speakers were incredibly candid and inspirational. I’ve found myself in a room with three classmates and the chief brand officer of the New York Times, and at dinner with a leading China scholar. This amazing access has shaped my time at Yale and given me rare insights into leadership styles and business sectors.

The Yale SOM community is welcoming, open, and, to put it simply, a lot of fun. Organized events like Winter Stroll let students create connections outside the classroom. And student clubs, specifically the SOM United soccer team, have allowed me create friendships that I’ll hold onto for life.