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Research Projects

Applying Behavioral Economics to Business Challenges

At the Yale Center for Customer Insights, the most innovative and successful companies collaborate with the world’s leading academics to explore and understand the evolving dynamics of consumer behavior.   

We apply cutting edge thinking in behavioral science to generate actionable insights about the true drivers of behavior in order to drive competitive advantage.

Two-way knowledge sharing between industry and faculty is central to forging new thinking on customers. Our distinguished faculty fellows begin every partnership with due diligence to expose faculty to your organizational practices and to familiarize your leadership team with foundational behavioral science principles. This collaboration helps to identify gaps in learning and helps both sides identify the areas of greatest promise for the partnership.

Core to our interests is a focus on experimentation. 

View a sample partnership approach here.


Framing Brand Value

How does a global CPG company understand and use their consumers’ unstated beliefs and motivations to frame the value of returnable/recyclable containers in markets across Latin America?

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Growing a Brand

How does a major bank enhance mental saliency and stand out in the moments that matter in order to drive the growth of mobile banking transactions?

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Driving Innovation

How does a national beer brand examine brand stretch opportunities and innovate outside their core products to align with changing consumer preferences?

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Framing Price and Premiumization

How does a global consumer goods company use behavioral insights such as counterfactual thinking, cross-category comparisons and shifting reference points to frame the value and price of its seasonal and premium products?

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Changing Habits

How can a leading technology company use behavioral insights to overcome inertia and change the food consumption habits of thousands of employees to promote healthy choices?

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Understanding the Digital Consumer Journey

How does a global media company untangle the subtlety within the digital journey to understand how young audiences are consuming new forms of content online via mobile devices?

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Increasing Category Consumption

How does a global financial services firm help consumers form new habits to increase the use of its credit cards for certain types of transactions?

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