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Negotiation Strategies

Influence, impact, and deliver value to your organization through effective negotiation

As technology and automation continue to transform the nature of work, interpersonal skills are becoming increasingly relevant as a way to add a competitive edge in business. The ability to successfully negotiate in a way that delivers value for all parties sets a collaborative tone for future conflict resolution and is an impactful way to stand out as a leader in your organization.

Collaborative negotiation places people at the heart of any agreement, deal, or mediation. This helps ensure that all parties involved feel that they have a sense of control and that the outcome is a win-win situation. It also fosters transparency and trust, separates the people from the problem, and encourages shared responsibility for the end result.

Program convener and Yale SOM lecturer Dr. Daylian Cain will help you develop your own unique negotiating style that can be applied in both professional and personal situations. Gain a theoretical understanding of what constitutes an effective interaction by exploring the common mistakes people make and discussing real-world case studies. The focal point of this program is developing practical negotiation skills through live sessions with fellow participants that will prepare you to be an effective leader in a world characterized by increasing complexity.

About the Program

What to Expect

  • Learn how to create and maximize value for all parties through collaborative negotiation
  • Find out how post-settlement settlements can achieve enhanced outcomes during the second round of negotiations
  • Develop practical negotiation skills as you explore negotiation strategies and common mistakes, work through real-world case studies, and take part in live scenarios
  • Explore how question-asking techniques and negotiation tools can be used to add value to any bargaining or mediation scenario
  • Establish your strongest negotiation style through self-analysis and craft a personalized preparation document to use in the future

Who Should Attend

  • Business leaders and executives who want to have greater influence within their organization
  • Aspiring business leaders looking to show their value and make an impact within their current role
  • Business professionals and specialists such as lawyers, doctors, and consultants who need to negotiate contracts or maintain effective client relationships
  • Individuals looking to improve their negotiation and strategic communication skills, and to understand how issues like disclosure and conflict of interest are resolved
  • Anyone who negotiates agreements and contracts such as job offers, promotions, asset purchases, resource allocations, organization decisions, and mergers and acquisitions


  • Orientation Module
  • Module 1: The value of engaging in negotiation
  • Module 2: Question-asking practices for effective negotiation
  • Module 3: Understanding and expanding the pie
  • Module 4: Securing a better deal for both parties
  • Module 5: Creating value by turning an opponent into a partner
  • Module 6: Developing your personalized negotiation strategy


Program Convener

Daylian Cain
Daylian Cain

Senior Lecturer in Negotiations, Leadership, and Ethics

Areas of Expertise: Behavioral Economics, Conflicts of Interest, Corporate Governance, Ethics, Leadership, Negotiations, Organizational Behavior, Social Enterprise

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Daylian Cain is full-time faculty at the Yale School of Management, since 2007. Prior to joining Yale, Cain was the Russell Sage Fellow of Behavioral Economics at Harvard. Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, Cain has three master’s degrees and a PhD in Business from Carnegie Mellon. He likes to say that he focuses on “why smart people do dumb things.”

Fun Facts: Cain has guest-appeared on National Geographic’s TV show Brain Games, and his poker avatar (“Raising Cain”) is one of the final opponents you may face at

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Registration closes: August 02, 2022
Program starts (orientation opens): August 10, 2022

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Program Collaborator

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This program is presented entirely online in collaboration with leaders in digital education, GetSmarter, a brand of 2U, Inc. Technology meets academic rigor in GetSmarter’s people-mediated model which enables lifelong learners across the globe to obtain industry-relevant skills that are certified by the world’s most reputable academic institutions. This interactive, supportive teaching model is designed for busy professionals and results in unprecedented certification rates for online courses.

View the Negotiation Strategies online program on the GetSmarter website.

Modules are released on a weekly basis, and can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.