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The MAM Experience

Arriving at Yale in 2013 entailed being a part of a lot of events as a Master of Advanced Management student.

Upon arriving, all the MAM students were quickly divided into cohorts based on the four colors of the original Yale SOM logo: Blue, Gold, Green, and Silver. Our class was invited to join in all the ongoing events:

  • Closing Bell every Thursday (End of the week beer and food gathering of all students with themed events)
  • Random Dinners (Sign up and you’ll be allocated a restaurant where you have dinner with a group of randomly selected people all from SOM.
  • Parties at homes and at the Graduate-Professional Student Center at Yale (GPSCY)

Over the year the MAM Student Government & Student Life has focused on creating events for the MAMs and for the MBAs that evolve around cultural integration. In October 2013 the MAM class of 2014 co-sponsored an international Closing Bell where we brought food from our home country: Chinese Dumplings, Swedish Meatballs, Korean treats, Mexican… and much more. The event was a great success with over 250 people attending. It was one of the largest closing bells during the fall.

To increase the networking within our class, Talha Ibrahim suggested that we organize a BBQ for the class. We called The Rib House and they provided a big discount for the event, delivered the food and picked everything up after a few hours. Bringing people together for leisure hangout is so important and it really made us develop a stronger group. It also allowed everyone to bring their significant other or close friends and made the community of 38 students a larger community.

The spring is loaded with ongoing things. April Foolery started on April 1st and had 32 events planned consecutively for a month until Spring Formal on May 3rd. The events are planned and organized by a total of 9 people, including one MAM student. This was the first year an MAM student had been part of the planning to drive attendance, plan events together, and in alignment with my intentions, make sure that we as MAMs could sponsor an event and make sure that we as SOMers could give back to the community. The events have been ongoing and each day there is something new related to community building and networking for the future. The MAMs are sponsoring the Beer Olympics 2014 and we will make sure that it will be a memorable event for the MAMs, the 2nd years and the 1st years. The Master of Advanced Management program is a strong peer in the Yale SOM community and after a year of collaboration we have built a stage for the upcoming years where there are still improvements to be had.

Thank you MAM Class of 2014, MBA of 2014, 2015 and the community at Yale.