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The Interviewing Season Begins

I came to Yale with great excitement to explore the world of this IVY League school. What I have got in return so far has been more than just the academic experience.

As we started our program, we knew that we had less than a year to take what the school offered. Not the case with other programs, where you spend at least 2 years with the program. We were treated as a first year student in most induction programs and as second year students when it came to gauging our opportunities after the program. This really helped us to get into the Yale culture quickly and start working on the next steps, right from the start.

As the month of October approached, most of us had already met with the Career Development Office, more than once and had gone through numerous sessions of resume reviews, cover letter writing and many more. The deadlines of the on campus interviews were approaching fast and we picked and chose the companies which made sense to our goals and started applying. By mid-October, most of us had applied to multiple roles and were waiting to hear back from the companies.

The fall break week was from the 14th to the 21st of October and the calls started coming in. Some of us have more than one interview lined up and the week of hectic interviews starts from the 22nd. We have had a good break to prepare for these interviews and I am pretty sure, we will gain a great deal out of these interviews. One great encouraging factor was that some companies handed out more interviews to the MAM students than other programs. We felt so appreciated seeing this data.

I hope the trend continues and wish every dream of the MAM students is fulfilled before they say goodbye to this wonderful place.