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The end is near, near is the beginning

It is nothing short of super human to bring together 25 global business schools to move towards a conflated vision

Let me begin by pointing out the obvious, Yale SOM’s entry into the top 10 ranking on Financial Times, or that Dean Snyder’s dream of making SOM the most global US business school, has been operationalized to the ‘T’.  

Why start with the obvious? At the risk of sounding partially sycophantic, Dean Snyder’s “larger than life” goal of further internationalizing Yale SOM has enabled the conceptualization of the MAM program and with the program on par to grow to its steady state of 60 participants, there are prospects for greater collaboration across the GNAM schools - with the Global Network week and the course on Natural Capital with Brad Gentry for starters.

After all, it is nothing short of super human to bring together 25 global business schools to move towards a conflated vision. If Spiderman was fortuitous enough to be part of the MAM program, he would have chimed in,  “With great collaboration, comes great opportunity”.

However, without sounding too clichéd, the end is near. Graduation is only a month away, and along with the cold New Haven winter, an onset of senioritis is all but certain. May 19th promises to be a momentous day, as the SOM Class of 2014, will go down in history as the first graduating class at Evans Hall.

Being a MAM student at the Yale School of Management comes with its own set of implications. For most of us, it is a time of choices and decisions; it is a time of ambiguous decision-making trying to forge our path ahead. This is one area where our combined business acumen and quantitative power will yield no result, as it all comes down to your ‘gut’, to take that decision that may be off the beaten path but a path self made.

For me, this is a period of inner reflection, my journey across 3 continents in the last one and a half years – Dubai, Spain, New Haven, and a period of preparation for the journey ahead. Change has all but become a constant in life, for having taken the road less travelled is not for the faint of heart. Thus it only seems fitting that my journey, our journey, comes to a close at Evans hall, the new Yale SOM starship enterprise tasked with bestowing on the world the talent of the future. The end is near, but so is the beginning.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail."

Ralph Waldo Emerson