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Six Human Needs

I recently learned in class what are the six human needs.

The time has come, our time as Yale SOM students is over but our paths together are only beginning.

Those that motivate us to keep going, and rumor says, that once you find something that can give you all of these six, will turn you into an addict: Significance, Certainty, Uncertainty, Connection, Growth and Contribution.  That’s exactly what this past year was for me.

Significance refers to the idea of feeling unique, important and special – We are graduating from Yale, I’m sure that covers it. 

Having the opportunity to achieve and fulfill a dream of studying here makes a difference in our lives. We will tell it over and over again, and even tell it to our grandchildren when the time comes.

Certainty I guess even after the late study nights... and the long GPSCY nights, we knew we were eventually be graduating, we knew the time would come...  (or at least we thought so) which brings me to my next point

Uncertainty I personally love this one, what’s going to happen after graduation? Did you find your passion? Shall you follow it?  

Connection  Having strong feeling of closeness or union with someone, make some friends, get out there! And we did. Only among MAMs we have friends from nineteen different countries each bringing something new and honest to our time together

Growth Laugh. Tears.  Fights. Laughing again, Learning. Growing. Are you the same people that you were when you first arrive at this...  our home for the last year?

And finally,

Contribution Making a difference, either with friends or for the school we all try to help somehow and when we did it felt good.

Significance, certainty, uncertainty, connection, growth and contribution are the six human needs, and now I am ready to embrace them. Embrace uncertainty and remember not to let others define who you are, take the initiative and get in the game.