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headshot of Mengying Li

Photos: A Well-Rounded MAM Journey

Mengying Li ’20 reflects on some of the highlights of her first semester in the Master of Advanced Management program.

Stepping into my fifth month at Yale SOM, life is still as enriching and exciting as it was when I started the Master of Advanced Management program on day one. I came to SOM as part of  my MBA studies at National University of Singapore, with professional and academic  aspirations in mind, only to find that the school and the MAM experience have much more to provide; for instance, relationship-building is emphasized and nurtured from the very beginning.

Upon reflection around this holiday season, I can say that I have so much to be grateful for, and so much gratitude to express: There are plenty of chances to interact with top scholars, researchers, and industry practitioners. We can choose whichever amazing library as a favorite to go to and collect our thoughts and delve deep into a specific topic. If you choose to enroll at Yale SOM, be sure to head to the Yale Bowl for an American football game. And, orchestra concerts and art gallery visits are readily available to satisfy your arts appreciation. Global Network Week also recently came into the picture to infuse different perspectives and brand-new encounters into my journey at Yale. For GNW, I travelled to IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. It was an amazing journey, where I dove deep into Europe’s status quo and the role of the European Union, accompanied by fantastic wine tasting, a flamenco performance, and other cultural immersion activities. I strongly believe that these joint forces and my own endeavors will bring out a better version of myself.

The photos here represent a few of the awesome opportunities I’ve had in just a few short months.