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Student running in park

MAM Students Share Favorite Things About New Haven

What will recent graduates miss about New Haven and studying at Yale? Toan Do ’19 asked Master of Advanced Management graduates about their favorite things.

Bella Guan ’19

“I love New Haven’s weather. Watching the trees change colors and then covered in ice was the best part of my staying in New Haven. The cold never bothered me anyway.” 

Scenic photos of New Haven
Photos: Bella Guan ’19

Hernan Gomez ’19

“The thing I like most about staying in New Haven is that the city is great for both studying and socializing. We found a perfect spot at East Rock Park for gathering with friends, which is just what the doctor ordered after all the exams.”

Picnic at East Rock park
Photo: Hernan Gomez ’19

Sophia Cui ’19

“Jogging at East Rock Park is one of my favorite things in New Haven. It’s a great place for me to take a break from homework and to recharge myself. I enjoy overlooking the whole city from the top of East Rock; time stops at that very moment.”

Jogging in East Rock park
Photos: Sophia Cui ’19

Ashkay Prasad ’19

“Being a foodie, I always crave authentic Indian food. House of Naan, an Indian restaurant in New Haven, combines the best of Indian hospitality and taste with the calmness of a university town. I had numerous meals here. Recommended to all future Yalies.”

Eating at restaurant
Photo: Ashkay Prasad ’19

Toan Do ’19

“The one thing that I’ll miss when I leave Yale campus is its architecture. After one year, Yale hasn’t stopped impressing me with its well-designed buildings, from those at SOM to Sterling, Cushing, and Divinity libraries, to Harkness Tower. Even our gym, Payne Whitney, was so gorgeous. It makes my least favorite activity, exercising, enjoyable. Every day I wake up feeling like Harry Potter, just a bit older.”

Architecture at Yale
Photos: Toan Do ’19