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Congratulations to the MAM Class of 2014

Yale SOM's Master of Advanced Management graduated 38 students from 19 countries, and 14 schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management, on May 19.

In the second year since its inception, the MAM program is one of Yale's most visible connections to Global Network for Advanced Management, the network of 27 international business schools that connects students and faculty with their peers worldwide to share ideas, case studies, and research. The MAM program offers graduates of Global Network schools the chance to spend a year taking classes at SOM and throughout Yale, deepening their understanding of today's most complex management issues. 

During a diploma ceremony at Yale SOM's Edward P. Evans Hall, MAM class speaker Aldo Alberto Sales Saud ’14 noted the diversity of his class, whose 38 members spoke 12 languages, attended 14 different Global Network of Advanced Management schools, and hailed from 19 countries:

But there is something that we all have in common, that is trying to be the best version of ourselves. Let’s be the global leaders we’ve been prepared to be… Let’s not be afraid of failure, because failure is the best teacher in the world.

Congratulations to the Master of Advanced Management Class of 2014:

  • Pamela Ariane da Silva, FGV, Brazil
  • Rami Halim Athanasious, IE, Egypt
  • Carolyn Yongchao Cao, Renmin, China
  • Rodrigo Castro, PUC, Chile
  • Jaeyoung Choi, SNU, Canada
  • Brian Daly, IE, USA 
  • Eric Yuan Gao, Fudan, China
  • Kevin Xiaofeng Gao, Fudan, China
  • Candy Qing Guo, Renmin, China
  • Mitsuru Honda, Hitotsubashi, Japan
  • Talha Ibrahim, NUS, Pakistan
  • Matthew Jung, SNU, USA 
  • Andrew Kwon, INSEAD, Canada 
  • Ji Won Lee, HKUST, Korea
  • Fredrik Leuhusen, IE, Sweden 
  • Ivy Qunyan Liu, NUS, China
  • Richard Renjie Liu, Renmin, China
  • Tom Yiling Lu, NUS, Singapore
  • Cecilia Meifang Lyu, Fudan, China
  • Chaitanya Mehrotra, IE, India
  • Juan Manuel Melendez, INCAE, Costa Rica
  • Francisco Molnar Neto, FGV, Brazil
  • Yvonne Paintsil, Ghana, Ghana
  • Gabriel  Roda, IE, Bolivia 
  • Aldo Sales Saud, EGADE, Mexico 
  • Hoik Seo, SNU, Korea
  • Zahi Shahar, Technion, Israel
  • Aditya Sinha, IE, India
  • Vikram  Sivakumar, HKUST, India 
  • Ricardo Viteri, NUS, Ecuador
  • Fisher Yu Wang, Fudan, China
  • Amy Yan Wang, Renmin, China
  • Niv Weisenberg, Technion, Israel
  • Vivien Wen  Wen, HKUST, China
  • Gustavo Wong, EGADE, Peru
  • Dayoon Yoon, Renmin, Korea
  • Andrea Zapata, EGADE, Mexico
  • Robin Guoguang Zhang, Fudan, China