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Financial Times Highlights Yale SOM’s MAM Program

In an article on September 13, the Financial Times looks at Yale SOM’s Master of Advanced Management program, among other one-year master’s degrees that target more senior managers than those who typically apply for a full-time MBA program. The MAM program differs from the other programs described in the article in its global focus and by the fact that it is open only to students and graduates of schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management.

An MAM class in session

From the FT

“We created this programme in direct response to what we were hearing from recruiters,” says David Bach, senior associate dean at Yale School of Management. “Many US business graduates are not as interested in opportunities around the world as you would hope. Recruiters are looking for talent that has the benefit of having been in a place like Yale but also, for instance, really knows Indonesia, or has a deep understanding of Turkey.”

Juan Cogorno received his MBA from INCAE in Costa Rica and graduated from Yale’s MAM programme two years ago. A Venezuelan, he now works in Miami with Visa, the credit card company, as digital marketing manager for Latin America. “It’s very valuable for recruiters to see you have US experience but also that you can work with people from different countries and cultures,” he says.

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