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MBA/Master's Degree in Asset Management

The joint-degree program offers an MBA in combination with a Master’s in Asset Management degree. It is intended for students who plan to pursue a career within the asset management industry, more specifically, in a variety of financial management positions from investment analysis to philanthropic portfolio management.


In the MBA/MMS in Asset Management joint-degree program, students must complete the first year of the MBA program, including the MBA core curriculum, and then complete the asset management coursework during the second year. Both degrees will be awarded at the end of the two-year period.


Joint-degree applicants must apply to and be admitted to both programs independently. Applicants may apply to both programs simultaneously, or apply to the Master’s in Asset Management program during their first year of the Yale SOM MBA program.

Learn More About Admission to the Yale SOM MBA Program.

Learn More About Admission to the Yale SOM Master's in Asset Management Program.