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MBA/MD with Yale School of Medicine

The joint MD/MBA degree program develops physician managers capable of pursuing careers that balance clinical care with managing change in a tumultuous healthcare environment. 


Most joint-degree students spend the first three years at the Yale School of Medicine; the fourth year at Yale SOM, during which they take the integrated MBA curriculum; and the fifth year taking electives at both schools.

The primary care clerkship requirement at the School of Medicine is completed between the end of the second year and the end of the fourth year. The thesis and other graduation requirements at the School of Medicine are completed in the fifth year.

During the fifth year, among other electives at Yale SOM and elsewhere at Yale, students are encouraged to take part in the Healthcare Management Colloquium, a year-long series of small group sessions with leaders from throughout the healthcare industry. The colloquium is designed to acquaint the students with the many opportunities available for the physician and non-physician healthcare leader.


Students must be admitted to the Yale School of Management and and the Yale School of Medicine independently. Applicants may apply to Yale SOM during their their third year at the School of Medicine, or apply to the School of Medicine during their first year at Yale SOM.

Yale students considering the joint degree program are encouraged to meet with the MD/MBA program director prior to beginning the application process.

Howard P. Forman, MD, MBA
Professor of Diagnostic Radiology, Public Health, and Management
Director, MD/MBA Program at Yale

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