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Our work doesn’t stop at the edge of campus. Covering a wide-range of topics,Yale School of Management Executive Education’s collection of online executive programs meet you where you’re most comfortable.

Beginning with online perspectives and environments, our programs are driven by the needs of the online learner. We’ve combined the latest in digital learning understanding and technology with the expertise and experience of our acclaimed faculty to design a suite of programs that deliver quality learning without compromise.

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Accelerated Management Program
Next Session starts AUGUST 5, 2020
Professor Marissa King teaching

The online Accelerated Management Program, from the Yale School of Management Executive Education, will provide you with key tools and insights integral to becoming an effective manager. Over the course of eight weeks, guided by Yale SOM experts, you’ll enhance your analytical problem-solving skills, learn to leverage social networks, examine the time value of money and company valuation, and develop the skills needed to formulate a competitive strategy for your organization.

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Digital Marketing: A Strategic Perspective
Next Session starts July 29, 2020
Professor Jiwoong Shin teaching

The Digital Marketing: A Strategic Perspective online program from the Yale School of Management Executive Education empowers marketers and business professionals to transcend silos in their organization and lead integrated, marketing-related digital transformation. Over the course of eight weeks, guided by Yale School of Management faculty, you’ll explore how social media, SEO, content marketing, mobile technologies and other key digital marketing tools can be leveraged to create and extract value for your customer.

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Fostering Inclusion and Diversity
Next Session starts JULY 13, 2020
Professor Heidi Brooks teaching

The focus of this 3-week online program is on identifying and building key conceptual models you can apply to your organization dynamically. These models include: unconscious biases, promoting behavioral change, redefining leadership, recognition of dimensions of diversity, and reinforcing patterns of (dis)engagement.

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Global Business and Politics
Next Session starts AUGUST 5, 2020
Professor David Bach teaching

Organizations operate within the context of their market environment, but also within a broader environment that includes social, political, and regulatory forces. This 8-week program offers business leaders an evolved perspective on these critical forces. It provides strategies, language, frameworks, and tools to analyze and respond to these factors for a competitive advantage.

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Healthcare Management
Next Session starts AUGUST 4, 2020
Paul Taheri, Chief Executive Officer of Yale Medicine

Yale School of Management Executive Education's eight-week Healthcare Management online program gives participants a fundamental grounding in the business principles and organizational practices of the U.S. healthcare system. Throughout the program, participants learn practical health administration and operational skills to help optimize patient care, manage finances, and enhance operations.

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Investment Management Theory & Practice
Professor Roger Ibbotson

Crafted for investment professionals pursuing the Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA) certification, the Investment Management Theory and Practice is an online course for those who value the high caliber education of Yale and the convenience of digital learning. The comprehensive Yale CIMA online program includes: a CIMA registered education course and exam and study materials to help candidates prepare for and pass the certification exam.

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Leading Effective Decision-Making
Next Session starts JULY 13, 2020
Professor Nathan Novemsky teaching Ibbotson

Interested in solving your organization’s critical business challenges? Learn to confront complex decisions with confidence, adjust the speed of your decision making to the demands of the situation, and pursue strategic risk-taking with Yale School of Management’s 6-week online program.

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Leading and Managing Globally
Next Session starts JULY 13, 2020
Professor James Baron teaching

Acquire the global mindset and competencies needed to bridge cultural divides, recognize more deeply the sources of organizational power and information flow, and overcome barriers to change in an online course featuring faculty from Yale School of Management and IMD Business School.

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Negotiation Strategies
Next Session starts JULY 1, 2020
Senior Lecturer Daylian Cain

Learn to successfully negotiate in a way that delivers value for all parties. In this 6-week online program, gain skills in collaborative negotiating and develop your own unique negotiating style that can be applied in both professional and personal situations. The focal point of this program is developing practical negotiation skills through live sessions with fellow participants that will prepare you to be an effective leader in a world characterized by increasing complexity.

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Wealth Management Theory & Practice
Professor Toby Moskowitz teaching

This program was developed for wealth management and financial professionals working with high-net-worth clientele who are pursuing the Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA) certification. The comprehensive Yale CPWA online program includes: study materials to help candidates prepare for and pass the CPWA registered education course and CPWA certification exam.

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Women's Leadership Program
Next Session starts JUNE 9, 2020
Emma Seppälä and Rodrigo Canales

The Yale School of Management Executive Education’s online Women’s Leadership Program helps you develop your full professional potential as a leader in business and society. Over six weeks you’ll gain the ability to leverage your core values, networks, and emotional intelligence to effectively lead your teams and propel your organization forward.

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