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Samvida Rungta ’23

Samvida Rungta ’23

Master’s Degree in Global Business & Society

Post-SOM Position: Strategy Consulting at Yale (Swensen Fellowship in Strategic Analysis)

After spending a year in Paris, grounded in theory and classroom learning, I wanted to further my knowledge by seeing how it all translates into practice. Yale SOM’s case-based education and focus on critical thinking was exactly what I was looking for. What sealed the deal was SOM’s mission of educating leaders for, not just business, but also for society. As someone who is impact-driven, I felt that Yale would be the perfect place for me.

group of students at the Harvard-Yale game
Group of students around a dining table
At the Harvard-Yale game (left) and enjoying lunch in Washington, D.C. (right)

I knew I wanted to do something in business while still being grounded in doing good, but I wasn’t sure what that was. The sheer diversity of courses and electives Yale offered, with professors who are truly leaders in their fields, was shocking. I had complete flexibility in designing my own curriculum and taking ownership of what I wanted my year to look like. I was able to complete a STEM certification by focusing on courses related to data analysis, designing experiments, advanced business analytics, and more—all skills that I wanted to develop!

When I was exposed to Yale’s internal strategy consulting team, I realized it was exactly what I was looking for. After graduating, I’ll be joining them to work on projects that determine the future of the university and its students—an incredibly unique opportunity that serves as the perfect bridge between business and society that I was hoping to find.

Three friends at Winter Stroll in the Evans courtyard
group student volunteers at St. Martin de Porres Academy
With friends at Winter Stroll (left) and with fellow volunteers at St. Martin de Porres Academy in New Haven

The Yale experience would have been incomplete without the community that comes with it. I’ve met brilliant friends, classmates, and alumni who have become formative parts of my time here. My professors truly focused on equipping me with the tools I would need in the future, with many of my classes focusing on lively and engaging debate about situations and problems we might encounter, instead of abstract theories and frameworks. I continue to learn and grow every day.

Interviewed on April 03, 2023