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Ann Graf headshot

Ann Graf ’20

Master’s Degree in Global Business & Society

Post-GBS Position: Consultant, Simon-Kucher & Partners

When I arrived at Yale SOM, I had just quit my job at a startup in the hospitality tech space, and I was very torn as to where my career path should lead next. The early coursework opened my eyes as to what I most want out of my future career, and what aspects matter most to me within any given work environment.

I came to Yale with an interest in sustainability and the nonprofit sector, which has since deepened, but I had also considered a shift into consulting. I wanted to explore working in both spaces. After many conversations with fellow students across different programs, I decided to recruit in consulting. Being able to case with, and learn from, my peers at Yale SOM has made a big difference in my job search.

The GBS curriculum offers us a lot of liberty, while also making sure we build close relationships within our cohort. Having two mandatory core courses at the beginning of the fall semester was a great way to form bonds with our classmates.

Yale SOM also offers an incredible number of electives that allow for specializations in very specific areas of interest. I’ve always been interested in sustainability, but I’ve never been able to explore it. I was very excited to see a number of classes related to environmental impacts, social responsibility, and sustainable operations.

Being able to take almost half of my credits in other Yale schools, and having the chance to educate myself in fields such as psychology and environmental science, is also an amazing opportunity.

I don’t think words can adequately describe how lucky I feel to be part of the Yale SOM community. Beginning with orientation up to this surreal situation of attending online classes and only seeing my friends via Zoom, this community has proven to be supportive, positive, and an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration.

Coming to Yale SOM, I was confronted with an incredibly diverse community of individuals from across the globe. But after months of classes and countless conversations, I haven’t come across a single person whom I don’t have something in common with. Whether it’s how much we love tapas, where we’ve traveled, what we wish to achieve, or which professor we like best—there is always a connection.