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Career Conversations: Emily Silver ’07, Vice President and General Manager of The Hive, Pepsico

In this episode, Emily Silver, Vice President and General Manager for Pepsico's The Hive, a new unit developing emerging brands within the company’s portfolio.

Episode 1: Emily Silver ’07, Vice President of Pepsico’s Hive, and Max Dworin ’20

Emily Silver ’07 is the Vice President and General Manager of Pepsico’s The Hive, a new entity that focuses on nurturing and developing smaller, emerging food and beverage brands. She is interviewed by Max Dworin ’20, a first-year MBA student and former U.S. Senate staffer transitioning to a career on the innovation side of the consumer packaged goods industry. 

Emily Silver on her time at SOM: “I think the confidence I gained from SOM in terms of being able to learn from my classmates, and learn from the amazing professors, and do relatively well there, has propelled me through the rest of my career thus far. And then of course the fundamentals: I took a lot of marketing classes at SOM, I took a lot of economics classes, I draw on finance quite a bit, particularly in my GM role.… I feel very confident in the fundamentals, but the bigger thing is just a bigger sense that I can belong and hang with well-rounded smart people.”

Emily Silver on today’s focus on innovation in consumer packaged goods: “There’s a significant amount of consumer fragmentation in the marketplace. There’s a very dynamic retailer landscape, with all of the rise of e-com and specialty channels. And I think companies like ours that do scale incredibly well, and build multibillion-dollar brands, need to also find a way to compete with what scale might look like in the future, which may not be quite as big.”

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