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Vineet Kumar

Vineet Kumar

Associate Professor of Marketing

Vineet Kumar is a faculty member at Yale School of Management, and an expert on Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. His focus areas include machine learning using large scale data analytics (big data), digital products and services and networks. He studies how artificial intelligence and other digital technologies can allow us to better understand and create value drivers for firms, customers as well as policy makers.

His interests include the following specific topics: (a) economic benefits of AI / ML, (b) fairness and bias in ML, (c) digital transformation of companies, (d) digital business models and platforms, including product strategy and technological innovation. His work has been published in top academic journals, and has been featured in national and international media.

At Yale, he teaches the core MBA Customer class and advanced MBA electives on Digital Strategy and AI: Strategy + Marketing. At the doctoral level, he has taught a variety of specialized courses. Vineet has also developed specialized executive programs for industry participants. He has undertaken engagements with a variety of companies on digital and technology strategies, including GE, American Express, The New York Times, Microsoft, UL and a number of startup firms.


  • PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 2010


  • Winning Case in Marketing, The Case Centre, 2016