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SELCO: Determining a path forward

Format: Raw, online case
Harish Hande and the company he founded, SELCO, provide solar electricity to India's poor. SELCO had become known for devising innovative solar solutions. Read More

Mayo Clinic: Design Thinking in Health Care

Format: Raw, online case
In the early 2000s, Mayo Clinic physician Nicholas LaRusso began asking himself a question: if we can test new drugs in clinical trials, can we also test new kinds of doctor-patient interactions? Read More

Project Masiluleke: Texting and Testing to Fight HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Format: Raw, online case
When Krista Dong and Zinhle Thabethe came to the 2006 PopTech conference in Camden, Maine, they hoped to expand their fight against HIV/AIDS, one of South Africa’s greatest problems. Read More

Teach For All: Designing a Global Network

Format: Raw, online case
By their November 2011 annual conference in Mumbai, India, Teach For All’s network consisted of 23 national partner organizations. Read More

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