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Leading Effective Decision-Making

Confront complex decisions with confidence, adjust decision velocity to the demands of the situation, and enable intelligent risk-taking.

Stepping into a leadership role means addressing pivotal decisions while contending with an ever-expanding range of considerations and managing a quickly shifting landscape. 

Leading Effective Decision-Making prepares executives to provide structure and clarity to uncertain situations, incorporate a broad range of perspectives and inputs to surface previously undiscovered options, evaluate those options in a systematic and data-driven way, assess potential risks, and balance risks and rewards to generate high-return decisions for their business. 

Join a global network of professionals online, and make pivotal decisions with structure and clarity, a broad range of perspectives, and the ability to balance risk and reward. Self-paced modules drive the course and are accompanied by three live sessions with Yale faculty. In addition, guest speaker Indra Nooyi’s work at PepsiCo is used as a case study throughout the program, and exclusive video discussions walk participants step-by-step through her decision-making process. 

The program is delivered online in collaboration with our online program partner, ExecOnline. ExecOnline provides a digital learning solution tailored to best deliver Yale’s research and expertise to you. 

About the Program

Key Takeaways

  • Broaden perspective while making difficult trade-offs. 
  • Swiftly and effectively approach gaps in knowledge and expertise. 
  • Scale efforts to accommodate the scope of the issue, as well as time/resource constraints. 
  • Structure solutions to avoid over-committing, support progress today, and leave options open tomorrow as the organization learns more. 
  • Recognize how natural psychological tendencies and emotional influences revealed by science of behavioral economics can derail decisions. 

Program Structure

  • 6-week duration, 30 hours to complete requirements 
  • 6 hours of on-demand, HD lectures 
  • Professor interactions, group learning 
  • Final project, which integrates weekly activities 

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for managers, directors, VPs, and C-suite—with the drive and desire to solve their organization’s critical business challenges. 

Participating Faculty

Daylian Cain
Daylian Cain

Senior Lecturer in Negotiations, Leadership, and Ethics

Areas of Expertise: Behavioral Economics, Conflicts of Interest, Corporate Governance, Ethics, Leadership, Negotiations, Organizational Behavior, Social Enterprise

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Daylian Cain is full-time faculty at the Yale School of Management, since 2007. Prior to joining Yale, Cain was the Russell Sage Fellow of Behavioral Economics at Harvard. Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, Cain has three master’s degrees and a PhD in Business from Carnegie Mellon. He likes to say that he focuses on “why smart people do dumb things.”

Fun Facts: Cain has guest-appeared on National Geographic’s TV show Brain Games, and his poker avatar (“Raising Cain”) is one of the final opponents you may face at

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Nathan Novemsky
Nathan Novemsky

Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise: Advertising, Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Science, Consumer Behavior, Decision-making, Marketing

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Nathan Novemsky is Professor of Marketing in the Yale School of Management and has an appointment as Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology at Yale University. He joined the Yale faculty in 2000 after receiving his Ph.D. in Psychology from Princeton University. He is an expert in the psychology of judgment and decision-making, an area that overlaps heavily with behavioral economics and consumer behavior. He examines whether and how people know what they like, how the framing of decisions affects the choices people make, how individuals’ goals influence their behavior as well as other topics in judgment and decision-making.

He is an active member of the Yale Center for Customer Insights. As part of the Center, he actively partners with practitioners (including Visa, Pepsico, Google, Optum Health, Proctor and Gamble, American Express, TIAA-Cref, Metlife, and many others) to develop new insights into customer behavior that are both relevant to practitioners and new to the academic literature.

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Paul Bracken
Paul Bracken

Professor of Management & Professor of Political Science

Areas of Expertise: Business War Gaming, Global Corporate Strategy, National Security & International Order, Technology Strategy

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Paul Bracken is a professor of management and political science at Yale University. Bracken is a respected thought leader in global competition and the strategic application of technology in business and defense. His research and teaching focus on solutions for senior management as it deals with a changing strategic environment and conditions of intense uncertainty. He is a leading teacher in executive education and has run many programs for companies in finance, technology, retail, and health care. He is also a frequent teacher at One Day University on topics such as Problem Framing in Business, the Future of the Corporation, Big Business and Democracy, and the Second Nuclear Age.

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“Overall, I thought the content was easy to absorb and it applies to really any line of business. I enjoyed the live modules because putting it into practice with the professors there to help steer you back in the right direction is valuable and helps you mold what you have learned and apply it more effectively.” - Insurance Company 

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“I enjoy the lectures and the live classes. I take a lot from them that I can apply to my everyday decision making and really appreciate the perspective they bring.” - Insurance Company 

“I'm really enjoying the lessons learned via the lecture content - really great real world examples.” - Beverage Company 

“The program is helping me to rethink some previous, unrealized decision bias and find other potential outcomes for my challenge, which is brilliant. Thanks!” - Computer Software Company 

“I'm enjoying the in-depth information around how to tackle (select, reframe, etc.) large and impactful decisions. The course content and professors are excellent, and I really enjoy the self-paced approach.” - Management Consulting Company 

“This was markedly different from any other MOOC or online class. The bite-sized modules were an excellent vehicle to convey the big ideas of each module, and give the student time to let it digest. Sitting for an extended period of time online and attempting to digest it is so hard (dare say not really possible).” - Healthcare Company 

“Taking the time to think through how decisions are/can be/should be made was interesting. A course like this caused me to really consider how to incorporate different perspectives. I liked the tips on group decisions and how to get the most out of them without introducing my own bias or intuition before the process even starts for others. Examples provided, especially by Prof Cain, I think were practical and down to earth. The points on experimentation made a lot of sense.” - Mobile Telecommunications Company 

“I enjoyed the self-paced learning and the content of the videos. The live sessions were really good and the professors were great to chat with.” - Automotive Company 

“I liked the variety of perspectives from the different professors and the ways in which my gut-feel instincts were challenged.” - Mobile Telecommunications Company 

“I loved hearing about decision-making tips from the three professors. Each had their own way to present. I enjoyed each and how they connected in the live sessions.” - Consumer Services Company 


Registration closes:
July 01, 2022

Course starts with orientation:
July 11, 2022

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The program is delivered digitally in collaboration with our online program collaborator, ExecOnline. Register with ExecOnline to enroll in the course and begin your studies. 

Have questions about the program? Contact Lisa Kammert, Yale Executive Education’s Senior Director of Learning Partnerships.

Guest Speaker

Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi

Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi leads the global PepsiCo product portfolio which includes brands such as Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Quaker and Tropicana and generated more than $63 billion in net revenue in 2017.  

For over a decade, Mrs. Nooyi has directed the company’s global strategy, including its restructuring and the divestiture of its restaurants into the successful YUM! Brands, Inc. and the acquisition of Wimm-Bill-Bann, the largest international acquisition in PepsiCo’s history. Prior to becoming CEO in 2006, Mrs. Nooyi served as President and CFO beginning in 2001 when she was also named to PepsiCo’s Board of Directors. In this position she was responsible for corporate functions including finance, strategy, business process optimization, corporate platforms and innovation, procurement, investor relations, and IT. 

She was also the chief architect of Performance with Purpose, PepsiCo’s pledge to do what’s right for the business by being responsive to the needs of the world around us. This transformative initiative made her one of the most successful CEOs of her generation. 

In this course, Mrs. Nooyi takes participants step-by-step through the decision-making process that led to the Performance with Purpose pledge. 

Program Collaborator

Established in 2012, ExecOnline’s mission is to connect all leaders to their future potential. ExecOnline partners with top business schools to create an online leadership development solution that solves critical business challenges and delivers measurable business and financial impact. Read more about ExecOnline.