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Milana Hiebert headshot

Milana Hiebert ’21

Master’s Degree in Global Business & Society

Yale SOM’s curriculum embodies the school’s mission to educate leaders for business and society. The focus is on both the professional and on the personal, and this is really evident in the GBS program, which has a very flexible curriculum. We consider how our own values play a role in business decisions. These considerations come up often in class discussions on business problems, forcing us to examine impacts on all stakeholders—in the business and in the larger world.

Yale SOM has such a strong sense of community. Everyone is eager to meet new people and share their individual experiences in a way that’s helpful. Whether it’s through ideas, knowledge, or their personal network, the people here are happy to help each other navigate career journeys here and post-SOM.

In a short amount of time, and despite this pandemic, I’ve been able to form real and lasting connections. I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to learn every day, not only from my professors, but also from my fellow students.

One thing that’s been surprising to me is how much fun the program has been. Every day, you’re surrounded by hardworking and goal-driven people, but there’s also time for enjoying New Haven and spending time with your peers. With the pandemic, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of the social aspect, but Yale SOM has done a great job making students feel safe and establishing norms which have allowed us to maintain some form of in-person interaction.

The wide range of clubs and events gives us the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and helps us create connections during a time where it is difficult to establish new relationships.

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