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Marco Collovini headshot

Marco Collovini ’21

Master’s Degree in Global Business & Society

At Yale SOM, I’ve found opportunities that go beyond a traditional business education. The high number of elective courses has let me customize my educational experience, so that I can focus on subjects I haven’t explored and also on the most pressing issues in business. I’ve studied topics related to environmental sustainability in firm operations, the emergence of digital technologies as consumer and financial products, and the development and future expectations of the global financial system.

I’ve also been able to take courses across the university, which have included ethics, philosophy, and political science. Future leaders need some grounding in these fields in order to bring meaningful change to the broader society, as well as the business community.

I arrived at Yale with a well-defined career plan, but the student clubs and associations, and the school’s career development resources, prompted and motivated me to further examine all the alternatives available to me, in order to make a fully aware choice. The Consulting Club, in particular, helped me more fully explore the possibilities in a consulting career, and how impactful it can be. The SOM community at large reshaped my trajectory by reinforcing the importance of businesses giving back to society. Learning about the economic and managerial aspects around issues like social inequality and climate change has broadened the scope of my goals.

The variety of interests and backgrounds among Yale SOM students is what surprised me the most about the school. It began during orientation week, listening to my classmate talk about the paths that led them to Yale. We all brought professional experiences from different industries, and academic knowledge for different disciplines—some outside traditional business roles. In class discussions, this helps us analyze issues from a broader perspective, yielding solutions that are multilateral, creative, and more effective.

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