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Todd Cort

Lecturer in Sustainability

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Dr. Cort works at the intersection of corporate responsibility and sustainable finance. My objective is to reduce the barriers to moving capital (either corporate or investor) to more sustainable investments.  In this space, Dr. Cort is working on:

1) Metrics and standards for measuring the environmental impacts of fixed income investment products such as green bonds
2) Metrics and the underlying data for environmental, social and governance (ESG) that demonstrably drive corporate growth and improvement in equity value
3) Metrics for underwriting more sustainable insurance products – particularly around the means to measure effective climate adaptation

In addition to these specific research areas, Dr. Cort educates and collaborates with investors and fund managers to effectively integrate sustainability into investment strategies.  These integrated investment strategies range from fixed income focused funds to venture capital strategies.

On the corporate side of sustainability, Dr. Cort has worked with companies on the premise that the best strategies for integration of sustainability will also drive stronger financial performance. Examples of experience in this space include working with:

  1. Investor Relations teams to develop strategies for responding to investor ESG expectations.
  2. Chief Operating Officers to integrate better risk management and stakeholder engagement processes
  3. Marketing and communications teams to manage and produce sustainability reports
  4. Environment, Health and Safety teams to build sustainability and community engagement techniques into management and compliance systems
  5. Chief Executive Officers and Boards of Directors to benchmark sustainability practices and expectations from customers, investors, peers, policy makers and others.

Todd Cort is Faculty Co-Director for the Center for Business and Environment at Yale (CBEY) and the Co-Director of the Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance (YISF). He teaches classes in ‘Quantitative Methods in Sustainability’; 'Corporate Responsibility in Oil and Wine’, ’Sustainable Finance' and ‘Business Solutions in Constrained Natural Resource Systems’.  He holds a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in biochemistry and a Professional Engineer’s license in California.  Dr. Cort previously served as Director of Sustainability Advisory services for TUV Rheinland and Det Norske Veritas where he consulted on sustainability matters including metrics, risk management and auditing practices.