Taly Reich

Assistant Professor of Marketing

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Professor Taly Reich's research interests fall at the intersection of behavioral decision theory and social psychology. Within these general domains, a great deal of her work explores issues related to preference construction, persuasion, and inconsistency within self and others. In exploring these issues, she strives to answer both theoretical and practical questions, with a fundamental goal of advancing basic insight in consumer psychology and shedding light on strategic actions that can subsequently be generated. Taly Reich holds a PhD in Marketing from Stanford Graduate School of Business and an M.Sc. in Industrial Psychology from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.



  • PhD, Stanford University, 2014
  • MSc, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, 2004
  • BA, University of Haifa, 2001


  • Strategic Communication: Delivering Effective Presentations MGT 553

Selected Articles

Made by Mistake: When Mistakes Increase Product Preference

T. Reich, D.M. Kupor, and R.K. Smith
Journal of Consumer Research

The Good and Bad of Ambivalence: Desiring Ambivalence Under Outcome Uncertainty

T. Reich, and S.C. Wheeler
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Sidestepping the Rock and the Hard Place: The Private Avoidance of Prosocial Requests

S. Lin, R. Schaumberg, and T. Reich
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Can't Finish What You Started? The Effect of Climactic Interruption on Behavior

D. Kupor, T. Reich, and B. Shiv
Journal of Consumer Psychology

Last-place Aversion: Evidence and Redistributive Implications

I. Kuziemko, R. Buell, T. Reich, and M. Norton
Quarterly Journal of Economics