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TA Resources

Before you Begin

All Teaching Assistants (except PhD students*) must register as soon as they  accept their TA positions – this allows us to begin the  payroll process. Once registered you will also receive access to the TA Training Module on Canvas.

*PhD Students should contact the SOM PhD Registrar.  Much of the information below, including salary and payment will be different for PhD students.

Teaching is Yale,
the heart of Yale’s academic and intellectual mission.

Welcome to Yale SOM's TA resources page. The links and documents provided here will assist in your preparation for serving as a TA both by affirming our policies and procedures and by sharing insights and tools generated by your peers.

Please remember that all TA's must register their course assignment(s) using this linkand attend a mandatory training session prior to being paid.

According to University policy, students may not work more than 19 hours per week for all Yale jobs combined. This 19-hour weekly maximum applies to all positions at the University within and outside of SOM. Because of this policy, SOM students may not work as a TA for more than two classes at any given time. This includes full-semester and half-semester classes. TAs must attest they are in compliance with this policy as must all other students who have a combination of paid employment roles at Yale. Please contact AASL immediately for any questions.

Most Recently Updated Resources - Spring 2024

Thank you for committing to this critical role at our school; your involvement and effort will have a tremendous impact on the program and our learning community. 

If you have any questions regarding TA'ing at Yale SOM or about the resources included on this page, please contact Jessie Helton and Sage Fortune.

Materials from previous sessions

Links and Documents