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Vahideh Manshadi

Vahideh Manshadi

Professor of Operations

Professor Manshadi’s research focuses on the operation of online and matching platforms, especially those with profound societal impact, including volunteer crowdsourcing, organ allocation, and information (news) platforms. She has collaborated with nationwide platform-based nonprofits, including Food Rescue US and VolunteerMatch. She has also worked on operational problems in e-commerce platforms such as online shopping and advertising. 


  • PhD, Stanford University
  • MS, Stanford University
  • BS, Sharif University of Technology

Selected Works

Commitment on Volunteer Crowdsourcing Platforms: Implications for Growth and Engagement  
I. Lo, V. H. Manshadi, S. Rodilitz, and A. Shameli  
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management  
2024, Forthcoming  

Fair Dynamic Rationing  
V. H. Manshadi, R. Niazadeh, and S. Rodilitz  
Management Science  
2023 Articles In Advance

Information Design for Congested Social Services: Optimal Need-Based Persuasion  
J. Anunrojwong, K. Iyer, and V. H. Manshadi  
Management Science  
2022 Articles In Advance

Learning Product Rankings Robust to Fake Users  
N. Golrezaei, V. H. Manshadi, J. Schneider, and S. Sekar  
Operations Research   
2022 Articles In Advance  
Designing Approximately Optimal Search on Matching Platforms  
N. Immorlica, B. Lucier, V. Manshadi, and A. Wei  
Management Science  
2022 Articles In Advance

Online Policies for Efficient Volunteer Crowdsourcing  
V. H. Manshadi and S. Rodilitz  
Management Science  
2022 Articles In Advance

Product Ranking on Online Platforms  
M. Derakhshan, N. Golrezaei, V. H. Manshadi, and V. Mirrokni  
Management Science  
Volume 68, Issue 6,  pp. 3975-4753  

Impact of Network Structure on New Service Pricing  
S. Alizamir, N. Chen, S. Kim, and V. H. Manshadi,  
Mathematics of Operations Research  
2021 Articles In Advance

Online Resource Allocation under Partially Predictable Demand  
D. Hwang, P. Jaillet, and V. H. Manshadi,  
Operations Research  
Volume 69, Issue 3, pp. 895-915  

Information Inundation on Platforms and Implications  
G. Allon, K. Drakopoulos, and V. H. Manshadi  
Operations Research  
Volume 69, Issue 6, pp. 1784-1804  

Diffusion in Random Networks: Impact of Degree Distribution  
V. H. Manshadi, S. Misra, and S. Rodilitz  
Operations Research  
Volume 68, Issue 6, pp. 1722-1741  

On Matching and Thickness in Heterogeneous Dynamic Markets   
I. Ashlagi, M. Burq, P. Jaillet, V. H. Manshadi  
Operations Research  
Volume 67, Issue 4  

The Stochastic Container Relocation Problem   
V. Galle, V. H. Manshadi, S. Borjian, C. Barnhart, and P. Jaillet  
Transportation Science  
Volume 52, Issue 5  

Working Papers  
Online Algorithms for Matching Platforms with Multi-Channel Traffic  
V. Manshadi, S. Rodilitz, D. Saban, and A. Suresh  
Management Science  
2023, Minor Revisions  

Robust Dynamic Staffing with Predictions  
Y. Feng, V. Manshadi, R. Niazadeh, and S. Neyshabouri

Dynamic Matching with Post-Allocation Service and its Application to Refugee Resettlement  
K. Bansak, S. Lee, V. Manshadi, R. Niazadeh, and E. Paulson

Redesigning VolunteerMatch's Ranking Algorithm: Toward More Equitable Access to Volunteers  
Vahideh Manshadi, Scott Rodilitz, Daniela Saban, and Akshaya Suresh  

Fair Markovian Search  
M. R. Aminian, V. Manshadi, and R. Niazadeh