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Joowon Klusowski

Joowon Klusowski

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Professor Joowon Klusowski studies how people make numeric judgments and decisions. Specifically, Professor Klusowski utilizes experimental and observational data to explore questions with both behavioral and quantitative elements. Examples include how people estimate their probability of success; decide the quantity of a particular good or service to acquire or consume; perceive numbers expressed as percentages and multipliers; or use data and statistics to make predictions. Additionally, Professor Klusowski is interested in various topics related to human behavior research, such as choice, behavior change, emotion, and methods. Professor Klusowski's research has appeared in journals such as Nature and Psychological Science.


Megastudies improve the impact of applied behavioural science

K.L. Milkman, D. Gromet, H. Ho, J.S. Kay, T.W. Lee, P. Pandiloski, Y. Park, A. Rai, M. Bazerman, J. Beshears, L. Bonacorsi, C. Camerer, E. Chang, G. Chapman, R. Cialdini, H. Dai, L. Eskreis-Winkler, A. Fishbach, J.J. Gross, S. Horn, A. Hubbard, S.J. Jones
Nature, issue 7889, vol. 600, pp. 478-483


PhD, The Wharton School, 2021