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Professor Small studies how individuals make decisions that affect their own and others’ welfare and what their choices signal to themselves and others about their moral character. While much of her work is in the area of prosocial behavior, she has many other research interests, including emotion, moral judgment, and consumer choice.


PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 2004
MA, Carnegie Mellon University, 2002
BA, University of Pennsylvania, 1999

Selected Publications


On the value of modesty: How status-signaling undermines cooperation
S. Srna, Shalena, A. Barasch, and D. A. Small
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Selfless first movers and self-Interested followers: Order of entry signals purity of motive in pursuit of the greater good
I. M. Silver, B. Kelly, and D. A. Small
Journal of Consumer Psychology,
Volume 31, Issue 3, pp. 501-17

Does choice cause an illusion of control?
J. Klusowski, D. A. Small, and J. P. Simmons
Psychological Science
Volume 32, Issue 2, pp. 159-72

Inauthenticity aversion: Moral reactance toward tainted actors, actions, and objects
I. M. Silver, G. Newman, and D. A. Small
Consumer Psychology Review
Volume 4, pp. 70-82

The evolution of consumption: A psychological ownership framework
C. K. Morewedge, A. Monga, R. Palmatier, S. Shu, and D. A. Small
Journal of Marketing
Volume 85, Issue 1, pp. 196-218

Consumers prefer “Natural” more for preventatives than for curatives
S. Scott, P. Rozin, and D. A. Small
Journal of Consumer Research
Volume 47, pp. 454-71

Passing the buck to the wealthier: Reference-dependent standards of generosity
J. Z. Berman, A. Bhattacharjee, D. A. Small, and G. Zauberman
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
Volume 157, pp. 46-56

Impediments to effective altruism: The Role of subjective preferences in charitable giving
J. Z. Berman, A. Barasch, E. E. Levine, and D. A. Small
Psychological Science
Volume 29, Issue 5, pp. 834-44

Signaling emotion and reason in cooperation
E. E. Levine, A. Barasch, D. Rand, J. Z. Berman, and D. A. Small
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
Volume145, Issue 5, pp. 702-19

Discipline and desire: On the relative importance of willpower and purity in signaling virtue
J. Z. Berman and D. A. Small
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
Volume 76, pp. 220-30



Fellow, American Psychological Society, 2018
Marketing Science Institute Scholar, 2018
Wharton Iron Prof, 2014