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Barbara Biasi’s research is in the areas of labor economics and applied microeconomics, with a focus on education and creativity. Some of her recent research investigates the effects of changes in teachers’ compensation (salaries and pensions) on teachers’ labor markets and the effects of school finance equalization on long-run children’s outcomes, as well as the links between mental health and career outcomes and the links between copyright policies and the diffusion of scientific knowledge. Professor Biasi obtained her PhD from Stanford University.


  • PhD, Stanford, 2017
  • MSc, Bocconi University, 2011
  • BSc, Bocconi University, 2009

Selected Works


Working Papers

  • The Education-Innovation Gap
    S. Ma and B. Biasi
  • Equilibrium in the Market for Public School Teachers: District Wage Strategies and Teacher Comparative Advantage
    B. Biasi, C. Fu, and J. Stromme
  • Career Effects of Mental Health
    B. Biasi, M. Dahl, and P. Moser
  • Mental Health, Creativity, and Wealth
    B. Biasi, M. Dahl, and P. Moser
  • Higher Salaries or Higher Pensions? Inferring Preferences from Teachers’ Retirement Behavior
    B. Biasi