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Educational Videos: Antitrust in the 21st Century

This page hosts our competition economics videos. These are short (8-14) minute tutorials on economic concepts that are commonly used in antitrust law and competition enforcement.

They are designed primarily for antitrust law students, and can be used by antitrust law instructors as a supplement to legal readings or an economics textbook. However, the videos are designed to be accessible to a wide variety of students including practicing attorneys, undergraduates, journalists, or interested consumers.

No previous knowledge of economics is required or assumed, except for the content of earlier videos in this series. The videos are numbered so that the content builds and they will be most conducive to learning if watched in that order.

The instructors in the video series are all economists at Yale University, many of whom teach at the School of Management which hosts the Thurman Arnold Project. A grant from the Sloan Foundation enabled the production of these videos. We thank the Sloan Foundation and its staff for their patience during the covid-induced delays of this project.

The purpose of the videos is to enhance understanding of the economics underlying the enforcement of competition laws. None is designed to be a description of any particular competition case.

Anyone may watch these videos, and any educational entity may link to them; we hope that they will be useful to a broad range of organizations and in many educational contexts. The videos may not be altered in any way, nor may they be monetized, such as through advertising or sale.

The videos on this page are produced by the Thurman Arnold Project led by Professor Fiona Scott Morton at the Yale School of Management. © 2022 Yale University and/or its licensors, as applicable. All rights reserved. Except as permitted under applicable copyright laws, no part may be modified, reproduced, stored or transmitted by any means or process whatsoever without the express written permission of the copyright owner.

Economic Concepts in Antitrust

  1. The Economics of Antitrust

    Professor Fiona Scott Morton

  2. Demand & Supply

    Professor Joyee Deb

  3. Cartels & Repeated Interactions

    Professor Joyee Deb

  4. Market Definition

    Professor Katja Seim

  5. Merger Simulation

    Professor Steven Berry

  6. Monopoly

    Professor Fiona Scott Morton

  7. Monopsony

    Professor Barbara Biasi

  8. Regulation

    Professor Heather Tookes

  9. Explicit & Tacit Collusion

    Professor Judy Chevalier

  10. Predatory Pricing

    Professor Kevin Williams

  11. Network Effects

    Professor Kevin Williams

  12. Willingness to Pay

    Professor Soheil Ghili

  13. Loyalty Rebates

    Professor Fiona Scott Morton

  14. Common Ownership

    Professor Michael Sinkinson

  15. Vertical Relations

    Professor Michael Sinkinson

  16. Most Favored Nation Clauses

    Professor Fiona Scott Morton

  17. Behavioral Economics

    Professor Florian Ederer

  18. Two-Sided Platforms (Part 1)

    Professor Aniko Öry

  19. Two-Sided Platforms (Part 2)

    Professor Jidong Zhou

  20. Killer Acquisitions

    Professor Florian Ederer