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Yukie Huang in New York City

A Unique and Valuable First Six Months in the GBS Program

Yukie Huang ’20 looks back on the first half of her year in the Master’s Degree in Global Business and Society program—and ahead to the second semester of learning, professional development, and connection.

It has been an amazing experience to study at three of the Global Network for Advanced Management schools, including Renmin University of China, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), and, now, the Yale School of Management. The four years I spent at Renmin University’s School of International Studies for my bachelor’s degree gave me insight into cross-cultural communication issues in international relations, while the operations management training I received at HKUST Business School equipped me with a foundation in business analytics. The flexibility of the Master’s Degree in Global Business and Society (GBS) program curriculum at Yale SOM has helped me to extend my understanding of the connections between “society” and “business,” offering me a deeper dive into how my expertise in certain academic and professional areas can contribute to the larger society.

Yale SOM has been a helpful and resourceful community where I get to take full advantage of the opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. In one of my favorite classes, Speculations and Hedging in Financial Markets, taught by Professor Stefano Giglio, we didn’t just explore the basic techniques in analyzing the financial markets and pricing derivatives, but we also learned how to hedge climate risks using catastrophic bonds. The class has encouraged us to adopt a risk-sharing mindset to push toward tackling real-life sustainable development challenges with the derivative tools learned in the course.

Outside the classroom, it has been incredibly valuable to interact with other members of the SOM community, including MBA, MBA for Executives, Master of Advanced Management, Master’s Degree in Systemic Risk, PhD, and joint-degree MBA students. I am lucky enough to be a part of the Investment Management Club, where we meet weekly to discuss market performance, go on job treks to explore hiring trends, and are paired up with second-year MBA students from similar fields of interest to learn more about careers in the industry. Every time I am confused or stressed about recruitment for jobs and internships, no matter how busy he is, my mentor always offers me solid advice on areas of improvement for my career search. Despite our professional experiences in different countries and positions, our shared passion for the industry has helped create a healthy dynamic that has encouraged me to pursue an investment management career. 

I’m also enjoying my social life at Yale. Closing Bell, our happy hour that takes place every Thursday evening, has offered me a chance to learn about the different perspectives of everyone at SOM in a more social setting. And since Yale University is close to New York City, my GBS friends and I have taken the opportunity to visit the city, as well as other parts of the United States, including Florida, Massachusetts, and Vermont, during our study breaks.

I truly connect to the mission of Yale SOM: “educating leaders for business and society.” At SOM, I get to learn and refine critical skill sets in class and in student clubs to help position myself to work on both my own professional development and on larger issues of social and economic development. I will carry on this mission to create a favorable impact, no matter which professional position I choose in the future. It has been a unique and valuable six months so far, working and studying hard, and finding time to enjoy all that Yale and Yale SOM has to offer, including some great laughs with new friends. I’m definitely looking forward to continuing this wonderful experience in the next semester ahead.