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Many alumni and friends make gifts in honor of their classmates, colleagues, professors,
mentors, friends, and family.

Below is a listing of these gifts from the 2021-22 fiscal year. 


In memory of Rose Akuyo Anyawoe
Togbe Afede XIV '89 (James Akpo)

In memory of Elie Benhamou
Benjamin ’17 and Isabel Schor

In memory of Judith E. Bernstein '80
Lynn A. Farrar '80
Thomas E. Gage '80
David C. Patch '80

In memory of Vera Brook
Steven E. Brook '90

In memory of Alan H. Buder '83 
Barbara A. Brenner Buder '84 

In memory of John Chi Fun Chan 
Pauline Chan '18

In memory of G. Linton Weber, Jr. '81 BA, '96
Martin J. Chang '96

In memory of Sumit Chatterjee
Shivani Chatterjee '18 

In memory of Vera Brook
Anonymous Yale SOM Alumna 

In memory of Frederick Frank '54 BA
Meaghan J. Byrne '17

In memory of Leeanna A. Glasby
William K. Glasby '01

In memory of Irene M. Grangaard and Donald R. Grangaard    
Maya Sudhakaran '14

In memory of Kalil Hache  and Elsie Hache 
Kalil J. Diaz '14

In memory of Fuad Y. El-Hibri '82
Nancy El-Hibri

In memory of Paul W. MacAvoy '56 MA, '60 PhD
William R. Barnes '91

In memory of Renny Merritt '84
Patricia Merritt ’86 

In memory of Professor Sharon M. Oster
Ruth M. Boulet '84
Eugene G. Buck '96  
David K. Ching '05
James B. DeStephens '12
Jan R. Liss '81 
Chris C. Lotspeich '96, '96 MES
Elizabeth Propp '92
Saif Siddiqui '02

In memory of Carlos V. Pineda '00, '00 MEM
Jaime D. Carlson '09, '09 MEM

In memory of David J. Rupert '80 
Lynn A. Farrar '80
Susan Gutchess '80 

In memory of Phyllis Z. Seton and Fenmore R. Seton '38 BA
Khush ’92 and Meher Mehta

In memory of Betty Shambroom and Rick Shambroom  
Elon S. Boms '07 and Stephanie S. Boms '07

In memory of Philip and Sherry Soong
Tiffany Soong ’97 

In memory of John A. Spears '80
Lynn A. Farrar '80 

In memory of David Swensen '76, MA, '80 PhD
Timo C. Fritzinger '93 BA, '99, '99 MF

In memory of William Howard Taft 1878 BA 
Christopher C. Lotspeich '96, '96 MES

In memory of PK Joseph Tharakan
Joerose Tharakan '12

In memory of John Chris Thomson
Caleb Thomson '17 

In memory of Ruth G. Timme '79 
Peter F. Gerrity '81 and Peter K. Gerrity '18

In memory of Liang Wang 
Jacklyne Keomany '18

In memory of G. Linton Weber, Jr. '81 BA, '96    
Paul T. Keenan '96 

In memory of Ann Day Wheeler '85
Fred Linthicum '85 

In memory of Martin J. Whitman
Joel R. Packer '78

In memory of Professor Dick R. Wittink
Michael N. Scully '05  


In honor of Jeffrey Neal Adams '98, '98 MEM
Mr. & Mrs. Leland J. Adams, Jr.

In honor of Ujjwal and Manju Adhya
Nilanjan Adhya '05 and Sarah Adhya '03 MEM

In honor of Fouzia Aslam and Muhammad Aslam 
Zainab Aslam '17, '17 MPH

In honor of Jack Callahan

In honor of Philip Ching
Anonymous Yale SOM Alumna 

In honor of the Yale SOM Class of 1982
John Lindsey ’82  

In honor of the MBA Class of 2020
Brendan Kennedy ’05

In honor of Charles D. Ellis '59 BA
Daniel R. Gerber '16 

In honor of Joel A. Getz
Heidi M. Olson '88 
David M. Silver '92 

In honor of Dolores Grillo
Kevin D. Bernier '10
Urvashi Bhatnagar '18

In honor of The Study Group 
Paul Man-Wei Ip '08

In honor of James D. Herbert, PhD
Sarah M. Eastman '88

In honor of Sarah Hund
Michael P. Hund '18

In honor of Professor Edward H. Kaplan
David M.K. Silver '92 and Joanna U. Silver '93 

In honor of Rajeev and Sangeeta Khanna 
Anonymous Yale SOM Alumna 

In honor of Yoon Joon Kim 
Nathaniel M. Heller '09

In honor of Marion Memmi and Georges Memmi
Timothee E. Memmi '18

In honor of Professor Ahmed M. Mobarak
Sarah C. Robinson '11 

In honor of Professor Barry Nalebuff
Daniel T. Kent, '16
Shuheng Li, '17
David M.K. Silver '92 and Joanna U. Silver '93 

In honor of David Nierenberg '75 BA, '78 JD
Matt D. C. Dittrich '18

In honor of Mugdha Raje 
Raahul M. Kumar '18

In honor of Ann and Stephen Schupack and Pat Good
Linda Schupack ’83 BA, ’92  

In honor of Professor Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld
Alexandra S. Bigler '17
Kenneth B. Schulman '68 BA

In honor of Professor Arthur J. Swersey
Joseph W. Erb '95
Jessica A. Farr '19
Pamela A. Farr '78

In honor of Molly Tang
Xiaoyang Tang '22

In honor of Ayotunde M. Uko '17
Amanda K. Anderson '17

In honor of Victor H. Vroom
Stewart A. Halpern '78 BS, '82

In honor of Sidney G. Winter '57 MA, '64 PhD
Walter C. Ogier '87