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Reunion Giving

Reunions are a time to come back to Yale SOM and reconnect with your classmates, to consider how SOM has influenced your life, and to pay it forward to the next generation of SOMers. Your class’s reunion gift campaign is a peer-to-peer fundraising effort led by volunteers to inspire classmates to make stretch commitments in celebration of your reunion. Your new gift or pledge to Yale SOM during your reunion year counts toward your class’s reunion gift total and is a gift in support of Driving Purpose – The Yale SOM Campaign. Amplify your impact and invest in the future of Yale SOM. 

Reunion Giving Volunteers

Co-chairs denoted with bold text

45th Reunion - Class of 1979: Ruth McMullin, Bob Donegan, Hap Ellis, Kathy Lavidge, John Pratt, Nancy Raybin, Dick Tavelli, Gail Woodward

40th Reunion - Class of 1984: Liddy Karter, George Wyper, Mike Dopp, Norty Knox, Kirby Sack, Joe Seldner, Janet Taft

35th Reunion - Class of 1989: Anne Buckley, Erwin Hosono, Sam Wong, Frank Gadzekpo, Melissa Hilton, Bob Katter, Matthew McCreight, Dennis Scannell, Patrice Wolfe

30th Reunion - Class of 1994: Putnam Coes, John Glass, David Li, Valentina Antill, Robert Jaffee

25th Reunion - Class of 1999: Santino Blumetti, Laszlo Bock, Lawrence Lee, Raul Martinez-Ostos Jaye, Bridget Perry, Jennifer Zoga, Dean Blackman, Yee-Ann Cho, Jennifer Hom, Vikas Jain, Kirsten Busch Johnson, Helen Kellogg, Juliana Park, Jodi Stanton, Aris Tagle, Henry Yaeger

20th Reunion - Class of 2004Deepa Chatterjee, Gregg Sypeck, Nisha Arora, Alex Keally, Lily Lam, Sudip Mukherjee, Colm Rafferty

15th Reunion - Class of 2009Jesse Acosta, Teddy DeWitt, Amber Walsh, Arthur Ball, Brian Christiansen, Robert Liu, David Mizrahi, Rakesh Shankar, Jessica Strauss, Cassandra Toscano

10th Reunion - Class of 2014: Beth DeStephens, Anjana Pandey, Adam Wollowick, Hussain Al-Shibib, Jimmy Holloran, Frances Symes, Alia Aziz, Ana Bachurova, Priscila Bala, Chaitanya Mehrotra, Chelsea Acosta Patel, Diana Romanova, Dennis Tseng, Julie Zhao, Yi Zhou

5th Reunion - Class of 2019: Jess Farr, Cliff Sakutukwa, Paraj Tyle, Eric Adjei, Dan Bitner, Janet Gehrmann, Andy Kong, Nana Yaw Osei-Owusu, Julia Spinnenweber, Michel Stofer, Carlos Szavozd, Josh Wang, Weili Wang, Yang Zhang

15th EMBA Reunion - Class of 2009: Margaret Chustecki, Michael Collins, Qing Yu

5th EMBA Reunion - Class of 2019: Vanessa Blaber, Ellie Campion, Brandon Colon, Jasper Daniel, Jason Jones, Manoj Wadhwani


Alumni volunteers are invaluable to Yale SOM, generously contributing their time and treasure to help drive the school’s mission forward. This year, more than 65 volunteers have stepped forward to lead by example and help SOM to keep producing tomorrow’s leaders for business and society.


“At the end of the day, what makes a difference to a school are the alumni. We have to do our share. If we’re not successful and visible, and ‘out there’, the school isn’t going to go anywhere. I’m very grateful that more than half our classmates participated. Alumni participation is so important, more so than just the amount raised.”—Y. Michele Kang ’89


“It’s important to give back to SOM, so many of us had such wonderful experiences here. My classmates came through in a way that we couldn’t have forecast. Everybody rolled up their sleeves.”—George Wyper ’84

All gifts count toward For Humanity—The Yale Campaign