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Shirley Zhang ’22 in front of the Yale SOM sign

Photos: An Adventurous and Meaningful Year at Yale SOM

Shirley Zhang ’22 reflects on the most memorable moments from her year at SOM as a student in the Master’s degree in Global Business and Society program.

After nearly a year at Yale SOM, I can say that it has certainly been the most adventurous, meaningful, and valuable time of my life. Not only have I gained tremendously in an academic sense through the well-developed curriculum, but I have also built true connections with friends across countries and cultures and achieved professional and personal growth.

Looking back on this amazing year, there are so many beautiful moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life: lunch in the courtyard in the sunlight. ice cream from Arethusa, weekly Wednesday nights at Trinity, the beautiful walk we have every day on Hillhouse Avenue, the squash games at Payne Whitney Gym, the cohort dinner at Taste of China. Our school life both inside and outside of Evans Hall enabled us to form deep bonds with a large community, while constantly being inspired from the great people around us. I’m thrilled to share some photos that capture my most memorable moments of this year.

group of people at the top of East Rock in New Haven
August: Our journey started with the hike up to the East Rock! Friendship was in the air.

group at SOM Friendsgiving
October: It was season for sharing, caring, and celebrating together as a community and family, with SOM’s annual Friendsgiving Dinner!

students at the Yale-Harvard game
November: We met at the “bloodthirsty” Yale-Harvard game. Finally, after nearly two years off, this year the historic rivalry continued, and Yale was the host! I can still remember the cheers of the crowds on the day. Let’s go Bulldogs!

Shirley Zhang in snow
February: Yale welcomed us back for the spring semester with some crazy snow days and a beautiful campus covered in snow. It was a good time for some snowball fights!

Yale building with blooms in foreground
April: Spring eventually arrived at campus, and Yale was in full bloom.

Students at Spring Formal 2022
May: Graduation time! We celebrated with rounds of picture-taking and broke a sweat on the dance floor during our official “prom” Spring Formal.

As I was picking out these pictures and reflecting on my wonderful journey here in the past 10 months, I realized how happy and grateful I am to have sent out my application to this amazing program three years ago and to have became part of the SOM community. The memories and spirits I have experienced here and SOM’s mission of becoming a leader for business and society will accompany me wherever I go.