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GBS Class of 2023

Meet the GBS Class of 2023

Associate Director of Admissions Kate Navarro shares details about the newest members in Yale SOM’s Master’s Degree in Global Business and Society program.

This year we welcome 63 students in the Master’s Degree in Global Business and Society program Class of 2023 to the Yale School of Management. Students come from eight Global Network for Advanced Management schools, where they completed or are in the process of completing their master’s in management degree. These students hold citizenships in 22 countries and speak 22 languages, with all students speaking two or more languages. All 63 students hold a passport outside of the U.S., and the class is 56% women with an average age of 24.

The GBS program is designed to prepare early-career students with less than three years of work experience for global careers. Students spend a year at Yale taking one required course as a cohort, focusing on exploring business and government after Communism, rethinking business’s place in society, and its relations to government, in an era when alternatives to capitalism are evolving. Students then choose from a slate of advanced management electives created specifically for GBS students and round out their curriculum by selecting electives from across Yale SOM and the university to customize the remainder of study.

Students in the incoming GBS class come from a variety of professions, including entrepreneurship. Employers that are represented include McKinsey & Company, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, China Red Cross, Cartier, BCG, Birkenstock, L’Oreal, Tesla, Swiss International Airlines, Uber, and many others.

They have been mentors, tutors, volunteer teachers, and club presidents. One student co-founded a mental health hotline and a club dedicated to the mental health of students, and another is a certified Swiss ski instructor. Their hobbies include fashion, theater, hip-hop dancing, and painting, and many students are interested in cooking.

Students boast a wide array of talents in this musically inclined group. We have students who play the guitar, clarinet, saxophone, drums, piano, and violin, as well as multiple singers.

There are also a lot of sports enthusiasts among the group, enjoying activates like tennis, basketball, windsurfing, volleyball, swimming, sailing, ballet, fencing, horse riding, field hockey, rugby, ice skating, soccer, judo, boxing, cricket, fencing, running, biking, badminton, and extreme sports like free-ride skiing and paragliding.

Students come from diverse academic backgrounds and top academic institutions, from engineering to arts and languages to food science. One student holds a master’s in diplomacy, and another an LLB. They’ve received various academic awards and national scholarships, earning cum laude and dean’s list designations.

We are thrilled to have this accomplished and talented group of students join our community at Yale SOM. Welcome to the GBS Class of 2023!