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Yale MMS Systemic Risk Admissions FAQs

What is a qualifying institution? Does it include private institutions?

Qualifying institutions include central banks and other major regulatory agencies with a mandate to manage systemic risk. It also includes private institutions that have systemic risk in their business agenda.

What should a nomination letter include?

The nomination letter will verify your employment status, comment on your credentials and qualifications, and guarantee your return to the institution after the completion of the program. Although not required, we also encourage that it includes a statement regarding any financial sponsorships the applicant may be receiving from his or her institution. 

Is there a minimum GRE or GMAT score requirement for admission?

We do not have a minimum GRE or GMAT score requirement for admission. We will, however, be using the score to assess whether the applicant would be successful in the program. 

Do you have a minimum TOEFL score or any other English test score requirement for admission?

Instead of a TOEFL score, the online application will require you to complete three video questions. These questions are not meant to test your knowledge on any subject related to the program but designed to assess your English skills. 

When is the latest that we can submit the application?

We encourage you to submit your application by January 1.

If my transcript is not in English, do I need to submit an English translation?

Yes. If your institution does not provide an English translation with the transcript, you must obtain a notarized English translation.

Is the program full-time? Is there an option to do part-time?

This is a one-year in-residence program. We currently do not have any plans to provide an option to do the program part-time since it is meant to bring students from all parts of the world and ensure that the students receive intense training and build a strong community.

What kind of financial aid programs will be available?

The students in the program will be eligible for the loan forgiveness program at Yale SOM. More information on the program can be found here.

Does the program plan to provide placement services for its students?

We expect all students to return to their nominating institutions after the completion of the program. Therefore, we currently do not have plans to provide a job placement or career service for our students. 

When do the classes start? When would we have to be on campus? What is the duration of the program?

The students in the program are required to attend the orientation program at Yale SOM. The orientation will start mid-August and you will have to arrive on campus in time to attend the orientation. Graduation from the program will take place in May. Exact dates will be notified to each admitted student. 

What resources exist at Yale for international students?

Yale’s Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) provides English language support, local community connections, and a multitude of daily events for international students and their families. For more information, visit the OISS website.

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