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The MMS in Technology Management is for students who wish to cultivate skills and knowledge related to innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. The curriculum has four components: i) a required internship in the summer before the program’s start, ii) a set of required classes, iii) a set of pre-approved SOM electives, and iv) a distributional requirement in SEAS. In total students are required to take 36 units of course credit where 4 units corresponds to a full-semester course.

Curriculum (36 units)
Internship in preceding summer
Required Courses (14 Units):
MGT820 Innovator (2 units)
MGT502 Foundations of Accounting and Valuation (4 units)
MGT505 Introduction to Marketing (4 units)
ENAS5XX Advanced theories and application of design (a new 4 unit course at SEAS)
SOM Electives (14 units): See list
Engineering Electives (8 units): Two graduate level SEAS courses

Student course selection (both at SEAS and SOM) must be approved by the program director. Below is a representative list of pre-approved SOM elective courses categorized as related to Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Managerial skills, and Technology. This list of courses is not exhaustive or static. Students may petition the program director to include an elective not on the pre-approved list. For illustration we provide two hypothetical course schedules. Descriptions of all courses can be accessed in the Yale course catalog.

Pre-Approved SOM Elective courses

Course #  Category   Course name 
MGT665  Entrepreneurship  Principles of Entrepreneurship; Kovacs, Balazs
MGT865  Entrepreneurship  Global Social Entrepreneurship; Sheldon, Tony
MGT671  Entrepreneurship  Entrepreneurship through Acquisition; Wasserstein, A.J.
MGT645  Entrepreneurship  Start-up Founder Studies; Jensen, Kyle
MGT874  Entrepreneurship  Patterns in Entrepreneurship; Wasserstein, A.J.
MGT612  Entrepreneurship  Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship; Chahine, Teresa
MGT657  Entrepreneurship  Creating Healthcare and Life Science Ventures; Loose, C. & Khalid, A.
MGT646  Entrepreneurship  Startup Founder Practicum; McFadden, Jennifer
MGT674  Entrepreneurship  Leading Small and Medium Enterprises; Wasserstein, A.J.
MGT677  Entrepreneurship  Rollups, Consolidations and Programmatic Acquisitions; Wasserstein
MGT529  Entrepreneurship  Global Social Entrepreneurship: India; Sheldon, Tony
MGT891  Entrepreneurship  Private Capital and Impact Investing; Carter, Susan
MGT897  Entrepreneurship  Entrepreneurial Finance; Ma, Song
MGT687  Managerial Skills  Sustainable Business Capstone Consulting Clinic; Boyd, Peter
MGT538  Managerial Skills  Mastering Influence & Persuasion; Chance, Zoe
MGT553  Managerial Skills  Strategic Communication: Delivering Effective Presentations; Reich, T.
MGT851  Managerial Skills  Strategic Market Measurement; Oery, Aniko
MGT531  Managerial Skills  Interpersonal Dynamics; Brooks, Heidi  
MGT556  Managerial Skills  Big Data and Customer Analytics; Uetake, Kosuke
MGT852  Managerial Skills  Listening to the Customer; Oery, Aniko
MGT887  Managerial Skills  Negotiations; Cain, Daylian
MGT532  Managerial Skills  Business Ethics; Dana, Jason
MGT561  Managerial Skills  Product Management; Burnap, Alex
MGT809  Managerial Skills  Advanced Business Analytics; Meng, Lesley
MGT819  Managerial Skills  Big Data; Manshadi, Vahideh
MGT873  Managerial Skills  Supply Chain Management; Kim, Sang
MGT663  Innovation  Innovation, Investments, and New Frontiers in Medicine; Knight, S.
MGT693  Innovation  Intellectual Property; Ayres, Ian
MGT828  Innovation  Creativity & Innovation; Feinstein, Jonathan
MGT995  Innovation  Sustainable Innovation in Healthcare; Licholai, Greg
MGT857  Technology  Digital Strategy; Kumar, Vineet
MGT853  Technology  AI Strategy & Marketing; Kumar, Vineet
MGT858  Technology  Database Systems; Jensen, Kyle
MGT575  Technology  Social Media Analytics; Zaman, Tauhid
MGT656  Technology  Management of Software Development; Jensen, Kyle